California, Here We Come

California, Here We Come
lost ncarl\\- a thousand l)lack residents during the last decade\r\nwhile gaining 3(),()()() Mexieans. "It's weird," said Douglas C-ottou,\r\na horn-and-bred Oxnard resident who nio\\ed to Dallas in\r\n1996. "I was back in Oxnard for 'rhanksgi\\ing, and I didn't see\r\nan\\b()d\\ I grew up witli."\r\nBeeanse of the Hispanicization of blaek neighborhoods,\r\nblack political clotil has declined precipitoiish since peaking\r\nduring the 19(S0's. There are onl\\ four blacks in die 8()-meniber\r\nCalifornia assenibK and just two in the 40-meniber senate.\r\nStatew ide, fewer than 2^0 blacks hold office. At the same time,\r\nllierc arc 19 Latinos in the asscnibh and se\\cn in the senate,\r\nand nearK 800 hold counh, municipal, and cit\\ offices. 'Ibni\r\nBradle\\ was Los Angeles's first black nra\\or. He might also be\r\nthe last. W ith blacks sinking below 1 5 ]3ercent and I ,ahnos now\r\nexceeding 46 percent of Los Angeles's popidation, the next\r\nniav'or will likcK be brown. James Hahn, who reeenth defeated\r\na Latino candidate for the office, might be the city's last\r\nwhite ma\\()r.\r\nii High poprdation densih " and "California" used to be\r\nniuhialh- exclusi\\e terms. Rambling, one-stor\\- houses\r\non large lots were common in the subrubs in the 1940's and\r\nTO'S. NOW , because land has become so \\aiuable. new housing\r\ntracts rareh feature one-stor\\" houses: Bmlding two-stories allows\r\nthe de\\cl()per to maintain the square footage of the house\r\nwhile drastiealK...

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