Cultural Revolutions

California Exodus

California’s November 2010 election results were seen by national pundits as a “firewall” that stemmed the tide of Republican victories sweeping across the country.  Actually, this was a Republican disaster long in the making.

The main cause of the GOP’s defeat was the large increase in the immigrant population in the last 30 years.  Voting always at about 70-percent Democratic, they finally registered in large enough numbers to make Republican victories harder than ever before, although not yet impossible.

Then there was general voter disgust at the current Republican governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Arnold was enthusiastically backed by the sellout Republican establishment for his 2006 reelection, even after he had switched in 2005 and adopted the policies of his Kennedy Democrat wife.

After his reelection, Arnold proceeded to rack up budget deficits that, as he leaves office this month, total $25 billion.  A governor who had first been elected in the 2003 recall election on promises to “cut up the credit cards” and to “end the crazy deficit spending” had gone on the biggest state spending bender in American history—even as the overall American economy was plunging into the greatest recession since the Great Depression.

In the 2010 election, Republicans nominated another rich, inexperienced, clueless Republican, billionairess Meg Whitman. ...

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