California Ecclesiazusae

During the June primary campaign for governor of California, a GOP operative told me that the plan of the party elites is to nominate Mitt Romney for president in 2012, with Meg Whitman as his running mate.  That way, she would spend hundreds of millions of dollars of her fortune on the campaign, enriching every GOP consultant on earth, including the elephants in the zoos.

That explains the parade of moderate Republican pezzonovanti who traipsed through the state backing her: Mitt the Fit himself, Jeb “Not Another” Bush, Newt “Three Wives” Gingrich, George “Sgt.” Shultz, Pete “Record Tax Increaser” Wilson, and John “Insane” McCain.

Meg—everybody in California politics is called by his first name—is worth $1.4 billion from her decade as CEO of eBay.  She just blew 70 million simoleons on grabbing the Republican nomination, or $88 per vote.  Her major opponent, state insurance commissioner Steve Poizner, also is worth tens of millions of dollars from his own high-tech firm, but millions don’t beat billions.

In this election, the vaunted right-wing Tea Partiers were almost irrelevant.  The state is just too big and fruity and nutty to be affected by anyone who hasn’t been featured on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.  Meg is a pro-abortion moderate, who has been dubbed “Arnold in a skirt.” ...

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