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By Other Means

Mr. Gonzalez did a fine job in your June issue succinctly describing the garrot being slowly twisted around the throat of what remains of traditional America (“American Guerrilleros”).
It is clear the deck is overwhelmingly stacked against those who still desire a constitutional republic and individual freedom. It has been apparent that we have not been able to keep the republic Ben Franklin told us about.
Certainly, sound-bite partisans, Facebook rebels, summer soldiers, and sunshine patriots will not arrest the drift toward what appears to be the nation’s inevitable fate.
Sadly, after outlining the crisis, Mr. Gonzalez calls for some vague types of administrative efforts such as efforts to cut the Pentagon’s budget, ending electronic surveillance of American citizens, redirecting university endowments, and striking out against corporate interests supporting the oligarchy. This sounds very much like “working within the system”, a slogan of the ’70s.
Alternatives? There may not be any. The Jan. 6 kerfuffle at the Capitol has been painted as a terrorist act, undermining the foundation of our government on the scale of Pearl Harbor. Nonsense, though it may have been the high-water mark for today’s Americans.

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