Under the Black Flag

Bums and Bandits

One of the great but perverse pleasures of my life when I’m in New York City is to read the New York Times.  It’s perverse because no paper north of Saudi Arabia lies quite as blatantly as the Times does, its lying based on omission rather than invention, and by the use of the kind of selectivity on news reporting that would earn a Soviet-era Pravda newshound the Stalin prize.  Excluding facts, indeed entire stories, which do not fall within the purview of its viewpoint is the paper’s norm, rather than the exception.  “All the news our bias allows” should be its masthead motto, but even there, the Times is spinning the facts: “All the news that’s fit to print” is the first big lie one encounters on page one.

If a Martian were to read the Times for the first time he, she, or it would most likely think that America is a country with a tiny white population of tyrannical and cruel slaveholders, and the rest are a large majority of blacks and Hispanics who serve their white masters under horrendous conditions.  As I write this, a horrible carjacking has taken place in New Jersey: A white lawyer was murdered as his wife looked on when he refused to give the keys to his car to two black thugs.  The thugs took the car for a joyride and dumped it nearby.  After a large bounty was offered, four...

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