Cultural Revolutions

Bruce Jenner’s Tears

Did you hear the one about Bruce Jenner?  No?  You missed it?  Well, then, it’s probably too late.

A grown man says he’s a woman, shaves off his Adam’s apple (for starters), and shows a former network anchor his little black dress.  You’d think the late-night comedians would have enough material to get them through the summer.  But a funny thing happened immediately after the infamous interview with Diane Sawyer aired, shattering ratings and my eyeballs: The jokes stopped.

Yes, Bruce Jenner’s name came up during the hour that followed the late local news.  The topic, however, was a different sort of elephant in the room: “Everyone tuned in to watch Jenner make a pretty big announcement,” said The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon.  “That’s right, Bruce Jenner declared he is a woman and a Republican.  In other words, the GOP finally found something that might be able to beat Hillary.”

The other comedians followed suit, laying off the obvious and seizing on the incidental.  Jenner, a living looney tune, can only be mocked for saying he’s a Republican, or for being a glory hound.

Such was not the case just, it seems, a few minutes ago.  Jimmy Kimmel, Saturday Night Live—all of the politically correct “satirists” and “observational humorists”...

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