Under the Black Flag

Browning Europe

With every passing day, Europe is turning browner and browner, the Old Continent being overrun by a tide of humanity not seen since the upheavals following World War II.  Just think about it: 3,000 migrants from Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Niger, and Eritrea pass daily through the Balkans on their way to Germany, France, Austria, and Sweden.  Tiny Hungary already has taken in 110,000 of these so-called asylum seekers, some of whom are not only violent but demand access to WiFi as soon as they land in my country, Greece.

I know, I know, they are from countries tortured by war, extremism, and tyranny.  But what are poor countries like mine supposed to do?  Ignore an impoverished Greek population in order to accommodate refugees from Africa?  Germany has taken 800,000 asylum seekers this year alone.  How many can a lifeboat take before it keels over and drowns everyone on board?

Migrants from Syria and Iraq may have an excuse, but the thousands from Eritrea do not.  They are simply fleeing a dictatorial regime.  In view of the fact that most African rulers are in reality dictators, does that mean that Europe should prepare itself for taking in every African who wishes to better his or her life?  Does this make sense even among the unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats of the European Union (a bureaucratic dictatorship in itself)?

The European Union has utterly failed to craft...

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