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Brown Revolution in Ukraine: BBC Legitimizes the Neo-Nazis

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By:Eugene Girin | March 07, 2014

A recent BBC article on the "far right" in Ukraine by David Stern is a perfect example of the mainstream media's effort to obfuscate and distort events in Ukraine to make the neo-nazis that dominated the anti-Yanukovych forces seem legitimate.  This is first seen in the title of the article itself ("Ukraine's Revolution and the Far Right") and in the constant references to the thugs of Svoboda as "far right".  The trick is obvious: by referring to the neo-nazi mutineers as "far right", the Beeb is putting them on the same level as Le Pen's FN, Griffin's BNP, and De Winter's Vlaams Belang. This, on the one hand, makes the minions of Tyahnybok and Yarosh seem respectable, and on the other, is a subtle dig at the real European "far right" (by implying that the BNP and FN are comparable to the west Ukrainian thugs).

The article follows with outright lies. Consider these gems of the BBC's reporting:

Euromaidan officials are not fascists, nor do fascists dominate the movement . . . Euromaidan has been a movement supported by just under half of Ukrainians according to a recent poll - representing a broad swathe of Ukrainian society: Russian and Ukrainian speakers; east and west; gay and straight; Christians, Muslims and Jews.

Actually, Oleh Tyahnybok - one of the main Euromaidan "officials" is a neo-nazi (how else to call a politician who worships the bloodthirsty deeds of Hitler's Ukrainian collaborators and makes a stiff arm salute at a political rally?). Stern even admits, in an offhand fashion towards at the end of the article, that Tyahnybok "has never disowned an earlier open letter he signed, saying world Jewry was taking over Ukraine and would commit genocide against Ukrainians". But that does not matter to the BBC. Because you see, since both "gays and straights" support the mutiny, it must be legitimate.

Here are more of the Beeb's bald-faced lies:

Contrary to some claims, ethnic Russians and Russian-speakers are not being attacked or   under threat of violence. And anti-Semitism has played absolutely no role in the demonstrations and government.

Now, this is a bit much even for the BBC. With regards to the former sentence: how about the Russians and Russian-speakers that are intimidated and attacked by armed thugs in west and central Ukraine? And what about the ethnic Russian engineer who was beaten to death with bats and metal pipes when the Maidan thugs stormed and torched the offices of Yanukovych's political party? 

The utter ridiculousness of the second sentence is demonstrated by the ugly spectacle that Svoboda deputy Bohdan Beniuk put on the Maidan. Beniuk dressed in a black, wide-brimmed hat with fake sidelocks and played a character charmingly named "Zhyd" ("Kike" in Ukrainian) in a skit put on by the demonstrators. "Yesterday I was a kike, today, I am a Jew! There is no braver warrior than a scared Jew!", were some of the things Beniuk yelled from the stage to the approving laughter of the Maidan crowd. Now this is the true face of the anti-Yanukovych forces, not the fantasy constructed by the BBC and other mainstream media.



Dan Hayes
Rego Park
3/7/2014 04:45 PM

  The BBC is only continuing its role of obscuring the truth (e.g., leading the chorus for one-sided reporting on anthropogenic Global Warming [reincarnated as Climate Change], camouflaging the effects of unfettered immigration on England, etc.). All in the grand tradition of the New York Times' Walter Duranty's coverup of the 1930s Soviet-engineered Ukraine famine.

3/7/2014 08:28 PM

  Google banderowcy and click on Images to see what Ukrainians did to 500,000 Poles in south eastern Poland (Ukraine today) during and shortly after the war. They came up with 135 ways to torture people, including women, children and BABIES. Look at the Polish site below, look at the pics, read with Google Translate, read at least the 135 steps. Or just look at the pics, especially from the instruction book:

San Antonio
3/7/2014 09:10 PM

  CBS has reported recently about Neo-Nazis patrolling America's borders clearly trying to blur the lines. Anyone who has read LEFTISM by Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn knows Nazis correctly were not on the right. We should always point this out. Nazis and Communists were not much different and correctly should be described as FAR LEFT. Kuenelt-Leddihn's books are available cheaply as e-books now and should be read by anyone trying to label today's groups.

Thomas Fleming
3/7/2014 09:51 PM

  The BBC is not quite so evenly evil or one-sided as NPR, the Times and the Post. I've been listening to the News Hour the past week, and I have heard some suprisingly honest reporting: an interview with Michael Sturmer, a nationalistic German who wrote a fairly positive biography of Putin, an interview with a State Dept boopsie who was asked if there were second thoughts about supporting a movement that included Neo-Nazi thugs. When Ms Boopsie--with wonderful Valleygirl dialect--told the interviewer not to believe Russian propaganda, he blandly informed her that he had very accurate sources that were not Russian and that there was no doubt about the Nazi thugs. Yes, the BBC is quite biased, but someone from the other side can listen without gagging and gain some information. I do not at all disagree with Eugene's presentation, but I am frankly surprised at the intelligence and balance of several of the presenters.

3/7/2014 09:55 PM

  Louis is right of course from many angles, but there were rightists in the Nazi movement and rightwing elements in the ideology. My friend Erik was, after all, a classical liberal who saw things from a peculiar point of view. Thomas Molnar, a man farther to the right, used to ridicule the argument that the Nazis were simply leftists. Of course as a Hungarian Catholic he loathed them, but Molnar had a usefully detached mind when he approached these matters. I remember how, at a lunch during one of those wretched Philadelphia Society meetings, he scandalized all of us youngsters by his frank discussion of just this topic. As I came to know him over the years, I grew to appreciate the depth of his political understanding. He and Erik v. K-L were, each in his own way, giants.


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