Britain's Leftists: Allies of the Islamists

The people of England, after very considerable provocation, have lately come to fear England’s Muslims.  Britain’s leftists have shifted in the opposite direction.  From an entrenched hostility to the mores of their own country and out of sheer perversity, the leftists have intensified their attacks on the Catholic Church, while making a point of defending the Muslims, even when the latter act in ways that are downright offensive to ordinary people.

Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Britain was appreciated by all of her citizens, except the left-wing radicals.  Over time, denominational differences in England have faded, and the great majority of Protestants have developed benign attitudes toward Catholicism.  The Holy Father had come to Britain to beatify Cardinal Newman, who had been an Anglican priest before converting to Catholicism.  His conversion had led to a great deal of controversy at the time and to a strong attack on him by the Rev. Charles Kingsley, the author and Anglican exponent of “muscular Christianity.”  Curiously, it was Newman’s reply to Kingsley’s attack, the touching and personal Apologia Pro Vita Sua, that eventually led to Newman becoming a well-liked and well-respected figure among British Protestants.  Pope Benedict acknowledged this as well as the common traditions of Anglicanism and Catholicism by including in his homily passages from Newman’s...

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