Under the Black Flag

Bringing Down Brussels

As everyone knows, Greece became a member of the eurozone on the back of a lie.  The colonels’ regime had collapsed, Greek politicians were nervous, and that pseudo-French aristocrat Giscard promised entry to a country that is more Middle Eastern than European, but with olive oil.  Entry meant no more tanks surrounding Parliament at midnight—rather a pity, actually, because they kept some semblance of law and order.  So from 1980 onward, the Greeks began to spend other people’s money, the chief spender being the present premier’s father, known to us Greeks as Ali Babandreou.

Thirty years later the Greeks have managed to bring the European Union to the brink of collapse—again, not necessarily a bad thing, but looked upon by bureaucrooks in Brussels as the greatest disaster to befall Europe since the Black Plague.  Recently, a rather dumb and pompous Euro MP remonstrated with me for expressing delight at the prospect.  Pigs that feed in the trough would, wouldn’t they?

The Greeks, however inadvertently, might bring down the whole shebang.  That is the good news.  The bad is that the rich-as-hell Germans and the garlic-smelling French are fighting as never before to keep the pseudodemocratic union going.  The reason is simple: The Greeks are in hock to German and French banks to the tune of one trillion euros.  The global elites who believe...

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