'The devil's boots don't creak.'
—Scottish proverb

Many who take money from him, attend his conferences, or publish their articles in his publications will point to his anti-Communism. Others support the civil liberty issues he seems to embody. Some reassure themselves by seeing the influential people with whom he travels. A few employ the rationale of the lesser evil: the powers that be are so malevolent that collaboration with him to obtain resources for a worthy project is justifiable. Still, the clergymen, scholars, policy analysts, journalists, and the hosts of others who have been taking large amounts of money from him might do well to consider Sun Myung Moon's purpose, beliefs, and methods.

From the Divine Principle—Moon's statement of theology that he and his followers regard as the Complete Testament (after the Old and the New Testament)—we read that the ideal form of government is "theocratic socialism." This is a rule of saints who will gather around the Second Coming of Christ to establish the Kingdom of God on earth. Christ, as the visible expression of God, will be analogous to the brain and the saints to the nerves in this ideal body politic.

The Messiah will, in accordance with God's Providence of Restoration, have been born in the chosen nation of Korea between the years 1917 and 1930....

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