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Breivik: No Patriot, No Christian

As of this writing, stories describing the horrifying bombing and shootings committed in Norway by Anders Beh­ring Breivik are still coming in, but there is enough information available for an attentive reader to draw some preliminary conclusions about the self-identified mass-murderer.  Breivik’s actions and certain sections of his lengthy manifesto belie the mainstream media’s portrayal of him as a “fundamentalist Christian” and conventional cultural conservative.  Nonetheless, patriotic Christians should be prepared for the coming wave of attacks on them that will inevitably follow in the wake of the killings.  And they should be equally aware of the dangers on the right from ideologies that are not patriotic or conservative, much less Christian.

Breivik’s 1,500-page manifesto (2083: A Declaration of European Independence) claims to represent the views of latter-day Knights Templar, a pan-European movement dedicated to protecting the interests of “all, free, indigenous Europeans” and “Christendom in general” through “armed struggle” against Muslims and leftists.  Despite Breivik’s citation of knowledgeable and far from radical writers (including Chronicles’ own foreign-affairs editor, Srdja Trifkovic) who have warned of the dangers of an Islamic infiltration of the West, there are a number of clues in the manifesto pointing to an ideological...

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