Under the Black Flag

Boston and the Big Lie

I write this during the weekend that finally saw the end of those two dreadful Chechens who were described by many newspapers—starting with the New York Times, of course—as typical American teenagers.  Some Americans, is all that comes to mind.  Why is it that after every outrage family members and friends of the perpetrators are given space to air their sick views, especially here in the United States?  I can’t remember British newspapers, or even the grotesquely lefty BBC, giving equal space to Muslims defending the terrorist attack of 2005, nor any Spanish media allowing defenders of the 2003 outrage in Madrid to pollute the airwaves with the usual blah-blah-blah about American imperialism being the real cause of terrorism.

Having said that, American involvement in the Middle East and total support of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands, and the war against Iraq and Afghanistan, are the reasons all terrorists give for blowing up innocent people minding their own business.  As long as Uncle Sam plays policeman to the world we will suffer the consequences.  And as long as our borders are open to Muslims there will be terrorism at home.  Incidentally, what were these Chechens doing here anyway?  In the year when those bums brought their brood to these shores Chechen terrorists had murdered more than 300 children in Russia...

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