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Boris Derangement Syndrome

Boris Derangement Syndrome has broken out in Britain. It is similar to the more widely documented American affliction, Trump Derangement Syndrome. BDS and TDS epidemics spread when the media and political classes are confronted with an empowered leader they cannot stand.

Boris Johnson, the new Prime Minister, makes his critics so angry they become demented. Since he entered 10 Downing Street on Wednesday, July 23, journalists have taken to declaring that the United Kingdom is now a dictatorship; that the alt-right has taken charge of the government; that Britain is now dangerous for racial minorities and gays. There is no evidence for these assertions, yet they are made with total conviction. Boris is depicted as a hard-right clown and the team behind him as fascists. Together they are deliberately driving Britain over a cliff. Every remark the new Prime Minister makes is twisted by the media to sound as bad as possible.

Yet the anti-Boris hysteria in Britain is not as intense as anti-Trumpism in America. We are a smaller country and Boris is no Trump. Yes, the two men have crazy hair, a certain lumbering physique, and an appetite for women. Both represent, in different ways, a threat to the existing order. But Boris doesn’t offend elite sensibilities in the way that Trump does. He’s more conventionally intelligent, better-spoken, less brash. His Twitter feed is highly professional and measured, even a little...

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