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By:Thomas Fleming | July 29, 2011


I have started work on a piece analyzing the rights and wrongs of the classical liberal tradition.  To do it properly, I am going to review a number of major works in that tradition, specifically, Mandeville, Condorcet, Smith, Godwin, JS Mill, Fitzjames Stephen, and Hayek.  I do not intend to spend a great deal of time on each author, perhaps a week or so, so it will be a lightening survey.

If readers are up to it, this could restart and refocus an old conversation in a less polemical vein.  My intention is to show the extent to which liberalism reflects certain decent aspirations of Western Christendom, but ultimately creates a movement that undermines and destroys the foundations.  Mandeville's Fable of the Bees is as good as any place to start.




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