Boogaloo Down Broadway: The Charade of Liberal Change

Here it is 2008, and everything else is old news.  The provisional and absentee ballots, recounts, scores, and statistics of 2000-2007 are all in the history books, along with Afghan and Iraqi elections and constitutions, insurgencies, hurricanes, disgraced mayors and governors, and Supreme Court, lobbying, earmark, wiretapping, and energy and cartoon ruckuses.  Since Barack Obama is talking “change,” everything else must be passé, right?

Wrong!  In the Democratic Party and the foggy, insular world of paranoia that is today’s left, the boogaloo beat of the jungle tom-toms goes on night and day, just as Cole Porter predicted.  Even now, in control of Congress but still intellectually and ethically bankrupt, lacking the sense God gave common garden varmints, and twitching with lunacy and hysteria, these Democratic Party animals are right up front about smashing up everything in sight in a frenzy of indignation and rage.  Always dangerous to the country, they will never simply disappear; Barack Obama may preach the righteousness of change, but, to paraphrase military historian Ralph Peters, liberals—barely 20 percent of the electorate—will try to pass cowardice, stupidity, and spitefulness off as progress, virtue, and wisdom.  Extol American penance to curry favor with foolish and resentful international elites, push through $3.5 trillion in new spending and tax increases...

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