Bodio’s Country

Stephen Bodio is a memoirist, journalist, critic, sportswriter, naturalist, outdoorsman, hunter, falconer, bird breeder, dog breeder, and now a novelist.  Born in Boston, he has lived in the dusty roadside hamlet of Magdalena in southwestern New Mexico for more than 30 years and has published a dozen books, including the superb Querencia—the literary artist’s autobiographical equivalent of Erich Segal’s Love Story of 1970.

Tiger Country, his first novel, is in a sense Bodio’s equivalent of Edward Abbey’s The Monkey Wrench Gang, about a group of militant environmentalists who, having sworn themselves to a policy of nonviolence against human beings, set out to blow the Glenn Canyon Dam in northern Arizona to free the waters of Lake Powell, impounded since 1966, and return the magnificent slickrock canyons upstream in Utah to their original pristine condition ante diluvium.  Better written and lacking the occasional cartoonish aspects of Abbey’s highly entertaining story, Tiger Country concerns a foursome of environmentally and romantically minded friends who work together to protect one of their number, a rancher from old-line New Mexican stock who has conceived a plan to reintroduce wolves, grizzly bears, and jaguars to the Gila country by conspiring with a pair of unscrupulous poachers operating in the country of the Yellowstone a thousand...

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