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Tom Landess


A true man of letters, Dr. Tom Landess (1931-2012) wrote (and ghostwrote) hundreds of books and articles, as well as poetry.  He was a student and friend of many of the Twelve Southerners and a brilliant storyteller.  He will be missed tremendously. 

  • Another Reason Why the Agrarians Lost

    By Tom Landess | April 16, 2018
    Andrew Lytle’s “The Hind Tit” is the best essay in I’ll Take My Stand (1930), not only because it focuses on the small, independent farmer, the class the Agrarians most admired, but also because Lytle nails the volume’s primary thesis to the church door, the dilemma his region and nation faced in 1930—the choice between virtue and practicality.
  • Pietas and the Southern Agrarians

    By Tom Landess | November 09, 2017
    Pietas—the ancient virtue of respect for family, country, and God—is becoming increasingly difficult to practice in a nation driven half mad by guilt. Our nation's past, once uncritically revered, is now uncritically condemned.

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