Thomas Molnar


Thomas Molnar (26 July 1921, in Budapest, Hungary – 20 July 2010, in Richmond, Virginia) was a Catholic philosopher, historian and political theorist.

  • Democapitalism

    By Thomas Molnar | May 09, 2018
    "Democratic capitalism" equals political correctness for the neoconservative. It is a term at least as ubiquitous on these shores and on others as McDonald's, Coke, and Disneyland.
  • The Rise of the Profane

    By Thomas Molnar | August 03, 2017
    At some point in their development, civilizations cease believing in the sacred and plunge into a new set of absolutes. No community likes to speak of decadence and its usually harsh symptoms; no one may even grasp the meaning of such an upheaval.

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