• Graham Crackers, Corn Flakes, and Other Grrrrreat American Heresies - 11/20/2017

    “Dad,” the inquisitive youngster is bound to ask, “where do corn flakes come from?” In today’s economy, where farms are something you drive by on your way to Disneyland, the most common answer might be “Kroger” or “the 7-Eleven” instead of “from the farm, son, from cornfields.”

  • Is America Up for a Second Cold War? - 11/17/2017

    While China is a great power, she has great problems. She is feared and disliked by her neighbors. She has territorial quarrels with Russia, India, Vietnam, the Philippines, Japan. She has separatists in Tibet and Xinjiang. Christianity is growing while Communism, the state religion, is a dead faith.

  • Roy Moore and the Augean Stables - 11/15/2017

    The ongoing erosion of norms and standards leaves us adrift, deciding for ourselves what works and what doesn't—sometimes hitting the mark, just as often missing it.

  • Trump’s Asian Tour - 11/14/2017

    In his latest Sputnik radio interview Srdja Trifkovic assesses the significance of President Donald Trump’s five-nation tour of the Asia-Pacific region which lasted almost two weeks and ended with his departure from Manila on Tuesday afternoon, November 14.

  • Reining in the Rogue Royal of Arabia - 11/14/2017

    If the crown prince of Saudi Arabia has in mind a war with Iran, President Trump should disabuse his royal highness of any notion that America would be doing his fighting for him.

  • Nationalism, True and False - 11/13/2017

    Ruling classes exercise power through combinations of coercion and manipulation—what Machiavelli called force and fraud, or the habits of the lion and the fox that he recommended to princes who wish to stay in power.

  • That Bloodbath in the Old Dominion - 11/10/2017

    If the nation chooses to turn Congress over to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in 2018, will that be all Trump's fault? Or should perhaps some credit go to Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and venerable political tradition?

  • Pietas and the Southern Agrarians - 11/9/2017

    Pietas—the ancient virtue of respect for family, country, and God—is becoming increasingly difficult to practice in a nation driven half mad by guilt. Our nation's past, once uncritically revered, is now uncritically condemned.

  • Red Lines & Lost Credibility - 11/8/2017

    The U.S. pre-eminence in the days of Desert Storm is history. Yet, the architects of American decline may still be heard denouncing the "isolationists" who opposed their follies and warned what would befall the republic if it listened to them.

  • A Grim Centennial - 11/7/2017

    No respectable commentator in today’s Western world is willing to ascribe any redeeming features to the Third Reich and Hitler. The same does not apply to the Bolsheviks and Lenin.

  • Congress’s Romance with Cowardice - 11/6/2017

    In retrospect, Vietnam emerges as just one more chapter in 70 years of ineptitude and apathy on the part of the Senate and House of Representatives when it comes to their constitutionally granted war powers.

  • Their America, and Ours. - 11/3/2017

    The Peace Cross, in Bladensburg, Maryland, was a 40-feet concrete memorial to the 49 sons of Prince George's County lost in the Great War. Paid for by county families and the American Legion, it had stood since 1925.

  • Burnham Agonistes - 11/2/2017

    Most adult conservatives as well as many educated people know that James Burnham was an anticommunist author and columnist for William F. Buckley’s National Review; a number of others will be aware that Burnham’s name seems to flap through the corridors of early 20th-century American intellectual history, though they may not be able to explain just who he was or what he did.

  • China: Xi in Charge - 11/1/2017

    In the aftermath of last week’s finale of the Communist Party of China’s (CCP) 19th congress, many commentators have opined that President Xi Jinping is now the country’s most powerful leader since Deng Xiaoping. This is incorrect. Xi is the most powerful leader since Mao Zedong at home, and arguably the most influential Chinese player on the world scene in history.

  • That Other Plot—to Bring Down Trump - 10/31/2017

    If you wish to know why Americans detest politics and hate the "swamp" that has been made of their capital city, follow this story all the way to its inevitable end. It will be months of unfolding.

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