• A US-Turkish Clash in Syria? - 1/19/2018

    The war for dominance in the Middle East, following the crushing of ISIS, appears about to commence in Syria—with NATO allies America and Turkey on opposing sides.

  • Trump Sinks a ‘Sweet Hole’ on DACA - 1/18/2018

    It’s just incredible what a hullabaloo can erupt from the garbled account of just one spoken word. All week long the national media and political class have been in a tizzy over what Donald Trump was reported to have said in a closed-door White House meeting with Senators over DACA and immigration policy.

  • Cherished Void - 1/17/2018

    Gene Roddenberry was a hustling ex-cop who wanted to strike it rich in television, and he did, with a series called Star Trek, which he once described (before his slide into self-mythicizing and lucrative licensing deals) as "Wagon Train To the Stars."

  • Trump: In Immigration Debate, Race Matters - 1/16/2018

    Mass immigration means an America in 2050 with no core majority, made up of minorities of every race, color, religion and culture on earth, a continent-wide replica of the wonderful diversity we see today in the U.N. General Assembly.

  • Letter from Germany (II): The Duopoly Is Back - 1/15/2018

    I was enjoying the view of the Alps from the southern wing of Neuschwannstein, the famous fairytale castle built by Wagner's mad friend King Ludwig, when the news came that Germany's ruling Christian Democrats (CDU), their Bavarian counterparts, the Christian Social Union (CSU), and the opposition Social Democrats (SPD) would almost certainly form another “grand coalition.”

  • Trump, the Deplorables, and the Aforementioned "Sh-thole" - 1/12/2018

    It is not "racist" to recognize that our elite class, which regularly browbeats American citizens with accusations of bigotry, is not being charitable by virtue signaling about the plight of foreign people who live in decrepit places and want to move and remain here. Especially when "here" means the very places that those same elites refer to as American "sh-tholes," all the while pursuing policies that further their ruin.

  • Little Rocket Man Wins the Round - 1/12/2018

    After a year in which he tested a hydrogen bomb and an ICBM, threatened to destroy the United States, and called President Trump "a dotard," Kim Jong Un, at the gracious invitation of the president of South Korea, will be sending a skating team to the "Peace Olympics."

  • Special Ops at War - 1/10/2018

    From Afghanistan to Somalia, Special Ops Achieves Less with More

  • What Is America's Mission Now? - 1/9/2018

    Among the reasons U.S. foreign policy lacks consistency and moral clarity is that we Americans no longer agree on what our vital interests are, who our real adversaries are, what our values are, or what a good and Godly country looks like.

  • Gone to Pot - 1/8/2018

    It is seven o’clock on a peaceful late-summer evening here in suburban Seattle, and I’m sitting in my back garden smoking marijuana.

  • Fire Bell in the Night for the Ayatollah - 1/5/2018

    As tens of thousands marched in the streets of Tehran on Wednesday in support of the regime, the head of the Revolutionary Guard Corps assured Iranians the "sedition" had been defeated.

  • Sophistory - 1/4/2018

    Two thousand fifteen was the year that we Americans broke history. By “breaking history,” I do not mean something like “breaking news,” or “breaking records,” or even “breaking the Internet” (though the Internet certainly played a role).

  • Letter from Germany: Westphalia in Winter - 1/3/2018

    The North German Plain is not an exciting place. It lacks the charm of the Palatinate, the fairytale quality of the Middle Rhineland, or the drama of the Bavarian Alps. It is peopled by staid burghers who are hard-working, practical, and rather quiet.

  • The Times Rides to Mueller's Rescue - 1/3/2018

    What caused the FBI to open a counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign in July 2016, which evolved into the criminal investigation that is said today to imperil the Trump presidency?

  • Will War Cancel Trump's Triumphs? - 12/29/2017

    The Korean War finished Truman. Vietnam finished LBJ. Reagan said putting Marines into Lebanon was his worst mistake. Iraq cost Bush II both houses of Congress and his party the presidency in 2008. Should Trump become a war president, he'll likely become a one-term president.

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