• Russiagate—a Bright, Shining Lie - 3/26/2019

    "The Special Counsel's investigation did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia . . . to influence the 2016 US presidential campaign." So stated Attorney General William Barr in his Sunday letter to Congress summarizing the principal findings of the Mueller report.

  • Liberalism: Collectivist and Conservative - 3/25/2019

    I never exchanged a word with Richard Weaver. I knew him because he was a figure at the University of Chicago. I heard that he was a teacher who expected his students to meet a high standard of intellectual probity and rigor; I think that he expected the same of his colleagues.

  • Ethelred - 3/22/2019

    Ethelred the Unready, once thought of as a star performer in England’s gallery of incompetent rulers, is now seeing his place taken over by Theresa May.

  • Why Joe May Be Courting Stacey - 3/22/2019

    Of 895 slots in the freshman class of Stuyvesant High in New York City, seven were offered this year to black students, down from 10 last year and 13 the year before.

  • The Pilgrimage of Malcolm Muggeridge - 3/21/2019

    In the second segment of the several-part BBC documentary on his life, Malcolm Muggeridge smoothed his white feathery hair away from his cherubic face, smiled cryptically, and said in his deep, rolling, gentle English voice, "There's nothing in this world more instinctively abhorrent to me than finding myself in agreement with my fellow humans."

  • The Religious Violence They Don’t Report - 3/20/2019

    In his latest interview for Serbia’s top-rated Pink TV morning program (Tuesday, March 19) Srdja Trifkovic analyzes Western media coverage of last Friday’s mass shooting in Christchurch.

  • Who Spawned the Christchurch Killer? - 3/19/2019

    Last Friday, in Christchurch, New Zealand, one of the more civilized places on earth, 28-year-old Brenton Tarrant, an Australian, turned on his cellphone camera and set out to livestream his massacre of as many innocent Muslim worshippers as he could kill.

  • Patriotism - 3/18/2019

    Patriotism, once thought of as "the last refuge of a scoundrel" (Dr. Johnson) is now the last resort of a failed leader. The word entered the vocabulary of Theresa May for the first time yesterday.

  • The Iron Rod of American 'Liberalism' - 3/18/2019

    The process of mislabeling has also affected the term "liberalism." What is called "liberalism" in the United States (and increasingly in Britain) would never be recognized as such in the rest of the world.

  • New Zealand Attacks: Repercussions and Perspective - 3/15/2019

    Terrorist attacks against Muslims in the Western world are extremely rare. This morning’s carnage in two mosques in New Zealand, with the death toll currently at 50, is the first major event of its kind since the Quebec City mosque shooting—over two years ago – which killed six persons.

  • Is Diversity a Root Cause of Dual Loyalty? - 3/15/2019

    "Diversity is our greatest strength!" we are ever admonished. But where is the evidence for what appears to be not only an inherently implausible claim but a transparently foolish and false one?

  • Hell Man - 3/14/2019

    Though famous as a melodrama, The Maltese Falcon has not yet completely received its due as a composition, as a poem made out of words.

  • Subcontinental Complications - 3/13/2019

    Last month’s suicide bomb attack in the disputed province of Kashmir, which killed 40 members of India’s security forces, suddenly brought two old rivals to the brink of war. India and Pakistan had fought three of them between the Partition and 1971.

  • How Middle America Is to Be Dispossessed - 3/12/2019

    In all but one of the last seven presidential elections, Republicans lost the popular vote. George W. Bush and Donald Trump won only by capturing narrow majorities in the Electoral College.

  • Learning Goodness - 3/11/2019

    Why Western Civ Is the Best Refuge in Adversity

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