• The Hour of Boris is at Hand - 5/22/2019

    The hour of Boris is at hand. He has been in backbench exile since last July, when he resigned as Foreign Secretary.

  • Has the Day of the Nationalists Come? - 5/21/2019

    A week from today, Europeans may be able to gauge how high the tide of populism and nationalism has risen within their countries and on their continent. For all the returns will be in from three days of elections in the 28 nations represented in the European Parliament.

  • Bolton Must Go - 5/20/2019

    The structural problem of America's foreign policy establishment is not that Bolton is a wild-eyed outsider. He is merely a cruder, more stridently outspoken representative of the bipartisan, neoliberal-neoconservative consensus shared by the swamp fauna of all color and hue.

  • Arms and the Man: Clint Eastwood as Hero and Filmmaker - 5/20/2019

    A nation lives by its myths and heroes. Many societies have survived defeat and invasion, even political and economic collapse. None has survived the corruption of the picture it has of itself.

  • Who Wants This War with Iran? - 5/17/2019

    Speaking on state TV of the prospect of a war in the Gulf, Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei seemed to dismiss the idea. "There won't be any war. . . . We don't seek a war, and (the Americans) don't either. They know it's not in their interests."

  • Religion as a Social System - 5/15/2019

    To study any vital religion is to address, as a matter of hypothesis, a striking example of how people explain to themselves who they are as a social entity. Religion as a powerful force in human culture is realized in society, not only or even mainly in theology.

  • Tariffs: The Taxes That Made America Great - 5/14/2019

    Tariffs were the taxes that made America great. They were the taxes relied upon by the first and greatest of our early statesmen, before the coming of the globalists Woodrow Wilson and FDR.

  • John Lukacs, R.I.P. - 5/13/2019

    When Lukacs died on May 6, the country lost one of its finest adopted sons, who was also one of its finest writers and historians. The scope as well as extent of his work defies summary . . .

  • Are All the World's Problems Ours? - 5/10/2019

    How many quarrels, clashes and conflicts can even a superpower manage at one time? And is it not time for the United States, preoccupied with so many crises, to begin asking, "Why is this our problem?"

  • The Eagle and the Dragon: Destined for Rivalry - 5/10/2019

    A new round in the U.S.-China trade dispute has started in earnest. Last Sunday (May 5) President Donald Trump tweeted that he would raise the current 10 percent tariff on $200 billion worth of Chinese imports to 25 percent.

  • Letters From Tocqueville - 5/8/2019

    Alexis de Tocqueville was an immensely prolific writer. His friend Gustave de Beaumont wrote that "for one volume he published he wrote ten; and the notes he cast aside as intended only for himself would have served many writers as text for the printer."

  • Is Bolton Steering Trump Into War with Iran? - 5/7/2019

    After Venezuela's army decided not to rise up and overthrow Nicholas Maduro, by Sunday night, it was Iran that was in our gun sights.

  • Ignoble Savages—Aaron Wolf Against the Anti-Missionaries - 5/6/2019

    Over the first three issues of this year Chronicles presented an illuminating series of essays by executive editor Aaron Wolf. Titled “Ignoble Savages,” this three-part work took as its starting point the venomous, even celebratory reaction of much of the secular West to the slaughter of a Christian missionary who had sailed to North Sentinel Island last November.

  • Let Venezuela Decide Its Own Destiny - 5/3/2019

    Let the Venezuelans decide their own destiny, as did we.

  • Venezuela: A Textbook Case of Imperial Pathology - 5/1/2019

    The crisis in Venezuela, instigated and stage-managed by the mighty interventionist clique within the Trump Administration, presents in a distilled form the neoconservative global repertoire.

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