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  • Name the Victims - 4/22/2019

    [A]s Sri Lanka reminds us yet again, Islamist violence and anti-Christian hatred are, alas, all too real.

  • The Liberal Mind - 4/22/2019

    “The Liberal Mind” might seem a large subject. In practice, it is not. It is defined through the words and actions of its believers, who operate within a tight compass, not quite hermetically sealed but near enough.

  • Olaf Stapledon: Philosopher and Fabulist - 4/18/2019

    The most widely known of Merseyside philosophers was never a full-time academic. But he gave classes for the Workers Educational Association from 1912, extra-mural lectures on philosophy from the 20's, gained his Ph.D. in Liverpool in 1925, and was an active and famous philosopher till he died, in 1950.

  • The West's Parish Church - 4/17/2019

    The emotional outpouring prompted by news of the fire at Notre Dame de Paris has been extraordinary. It has been marked by both depth and breadth, prompting myriad expressions of concern for the fate of Paris' venerable cathedral and affecting Catholics and non-Catholics, those who live in France and those who don't . . .

  • Mayor Pete and the Crackup of Christianity - 4/16/2019

    Is moral truth subjective? Does it change with changing times and changing attitudes? Or is there a higher law, a permanent law, God's law, immutable and eternal, to which man's law should conform?

  • Canossa - 4/15/2019

    “We shall not go to Canossa!” declared more than one eminent German statesman. Theresa May loves Canossa, and cannot stay away from the place. For her the Castle of Canossa is the Europa Building in Brussels, whence she has just returned from another fruitless quest for mercy from the European Union.

  • Where Trump's and Bibi's Interests Clash - 4/12/2019

    On Monday, President Donald Trump designated the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organization, the first time the United States has designated part of another nation's government as such a threat.

  • L’Affaire Assange - 4/12/2019

    Julian Assange’s arrest inside the embassy of Ecuador in London would not have been possible had that country’s government not authorized the British police to enter its theoretically sovereign territory.

  • What’s Really behind the State Department’s Meddling in Ukraine? - 4/11/2019

    On March 31 the first round of Ukraine’s presidential election was held. In line with all polls, the top spot (with about 30 percent of the vote) was taken by Volodymyr Zelensky, a comic actor who played President of Ukraine in a popular TV series, making him the leading candidate for the position he once spoofed.

  • A Superfluous Man - 4/10/2019

    One of the hazards of Washington life is the risk of running into people whose politics is their religion. You see them everywhere at receptions, eyes blazing with unhallowed fire, proselytizing for a cause whose victory is always within sight.

  • Already Deep in the Politics of Hate - 4/9/2019

    During an Iowa town hall last week, "Beto" O'Rourke, who had pledged to raise the level of national discourse, depicted President Donald Trump's rhetoric as right out of Nazi Germany.

  • 2020: Socialist America or Trump's America? - 4/5/2019

    In the new Democratic Party, where women and people of color are to lead, and the white men are to stand back, the presidential field has begun to sort itself out somewhat problematically.

  • You Had One Job - 4/4/2019

    Our southern border is being overwhelmed by waves of “migrants” and interior immigration enforcement has collapsed, as the president continues to threaten closing the border.

  • Twenty Years Later: The Legacy of NATO’s War against the Serbs - 4/3/2019

    Twenty years ago the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, led by the United States, waged a relentless 78-day bombing campaign against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, consisting of Serbia and Montenegro.

  • A Song in My Heart, A Hole in My Head - 4/3/2019

    Eleanor Roosevelt and I go way back. My father taught me to read from a stack of her "My Day" columns in 1940. We happened to have a plentiful supply of "My Day" in the house because the doctor had refused to be responsible for my reactionary grandmother's blood pressure unless she stopped reading it.