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  • Who Lost the World Bush 41 Left Behind? - 12/7/2018

    George H.W. Bush was America's closer. Called in to pitch the final innings of the Cold War, Bush 41 presided masterfully over the fall of the Berlin Wall, the unification of Germany, the liberation of 100 million Eastern Europeans and the dissolution of the Soviet Union into 15 independent nations.

  • Thornton Wilder's Depression - 12/6/2018

    Thornton Wilder met Sigmund Freud in the fall of 1935. Freud had read Wilder’s new novel, Heaven’s My Destination. “‘No seeker after God,’” writes Wilder’s biographer (quoting Freud of himself), “he threw it across the room.”

  • CIA Senatorial Briefing: Is a Sudden Iran Crisis Likely? - 12/5/2018

    The reaction of top U.S. Senators from both parties to the briefing by CIA director Gina Haspel on the killing of Jamal Khashoggi has been unprecedented.

  • Will Paris Riots Scuttle Climate Accord? - 12/4/2018

    Saturday, rage over a fuel tax President Emmanuel Macron has proposed to cut carbon emissions brought mobs into the heart of Paris, where they battled police, burned cars, looted, smashed show windows of elite stores such as Dior and Chanel, and desecrated the Arc de Triomphe. In solidarity with the Paris rioters, protests in other French cities erupted.

  • Sinclair Lewis - 12/3/2018

    To the end, [Sinclair] Lewis stayed true to his time and his locality. He insisted, despite the naysaying of the folks who run things in this country, on the romance of the "Average Citizens of the United States."

  • Is Putin the Provocateur in the Kerch Crisis? - 11/30/2018

    On departure for the G-20 gathering in Buenos Aires, President Donald Trump canceled his planned weekend meeting with Vladimir Putin, citing as his reason the Russian military's seizure and holding of three Ukrainian ships and 24 sailors.

  • Our Man in Riyadh - 11/29/2018

    What does President Trump’s recent nomination of retired Army General John Abizaid to become the next U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia signify? Next to nothing—and arguably quite a lot.

  • Between Gibraltar and a Hard Place - 11/28/2018

    The crisis in British politics deepens. Everything changed Sunday, when the European Union, without further debate, approved the Withdrawal Agreement that is Theresa May’s work.

  • Trump's Crucial Test at San Ysidro - 11/27/2018

    Progressives fail to understand that what they describe as greater and ever more desirable diversity, millions of Americans see as the conquest of their country by an endless flood of uninvited strangers.

  • Thankful to Be an American - 11/26/2018

    Despite our many and undoubted problems, we should all give thanks that we are Americans. In 1869, my direct paternal ancestors lived in a one room house in a country where it was impossible to get even a high school education in their native tongue.

  • Trump’s Saudi Gamble - 11/26/2018

    “America First! The world is a very dangerous place!” President Donald J. Trump’s opening of his statement on “Standing with Saudi Arabia” was eccentric; the ensuing 600-odd words appeared to give Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman an unqualified and outrageous carte blanche, seven weeks after Jamal Khashoggi’s murder. There may be more than meets the eye, however.

  • Are the Saudi Princes True Friends? - 11/26/2018

    The 633-word statement of President Donald Trump on the Saudi royals' role in the grisly murder of Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi is a remarkable document, not only for its ice-cold candor.

  • Come, Ye Thankful People - 11/21/2018

    The civic peace of America, such as it is, balances on a knife blade. But one interesting thing about God is His reputation for cleansing minds and clearing away intellectual clutter such as right now overwhelms the world.

  • Theresa May’s Impending Exit - 11/20/2018

    The War of the Tory Succession is now entering its terminal phase. The ultra-loyalist Amber Rudd, badly wounded a couple of months ago, has now after convalescence returned to the Front.

  • Will Democratic Rebels Dethrone Nancy? - 11/20/2018

    After adding at least 37 seats and taking control of the House by running on change, congressional Democrats appear to be about to elect as their future leaders three of the oldest faces in the party.