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  • Has the West the Will to Survive? - 6/22/2018

    The questions America and the West face might thus be framed: Is there a liberal, progressive, Christian way to seal a 2,000-mile border, halt millions of migrants from crossing it illegally, and send intruders back whence they came? Or does the preservation of Western nations and peoples require measures from which liberal societies today reflexively recoil? Does the survival of the West as a civilization require a ruthlessness the West no longer possess?

  • Girding for Confrontation - 6/21/2018

    On May 30th, Secretary of Defense James Mattis announced a momentous shift in American global strategic policy. From now on, he decreed, the U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM), which oversees all U.S. military forces in Asia, will be called the Indo-Pacific Command

  • Why the Left Fears Division - 6/20/2018

    'Divisive': the Left denounces the term. Good. It means that the enemy is running scared.

  • Trump and the Invasion of the West - 6/19/2018

    [St]riking down the policy will leave America's immigration crisis still unresolved. Consider. Since 2016, some 110,000 children have entered the U.S. illegally and been released, along with 200,000 Central American families caught sneaking across the border.

  • Ubuntu! - 6/18/2018

    William Murchison gets right to the point in his eloquent account of mainline Protestantism’s near-terminal degeneration, written poignantly from an Anglican’s perspective.

  • Trump's Bold Historic Gamble - 6/15/2018

    President Donald Trump appears to belong to what might be called the Benjamin Disraeli school of diplomacy. The British prime minister once counseled, "Everyone likes flattery; and when you come to Royalty you should lay it on with a trowel."

  • Infinite War - 6/14/2018

    “The United States of Amnesia.” That’s what Gore Vidal once called us. We remember what we find it convenient to remember and forget everything else. That forgetfulness especially applies to the history of others.

  • Of the Baptists and the Modern World - 6/13/2018

    I live in amity with the Southern Baptists, whose general tolerance for my fellow "Whiskeypalians" I take kindly. I wouldn't dream of joining the media whoop-de-do over who among the Baptist faithful did what to whom, and when, and what to do now.

  • Trump-Kim Summit: The Score - 6/12/2018

    At the end of their meeting in Singapore, President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Chairman Kim Jong Un signed a document in which Trump “committed to provide security guarantees to the DPRK,” while Kim “reaffirmed his firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”

  • Behind Trump's Exasperation - 6/12/2018

    Our elites see America as an "indispensable nation," the premier world power whose ordained duty it is to defend democracy, stand up to dictators and aggressors, and uphold a liberal world order.

  • The G7 Summit and the Latest Russophobic UK Ploy - 6/11/2018

    In his latest Sputnik Radio interview Srdja Trifkovic discusses British Prime Minister Theresa May’s initiative at the G7 summit in Canada to develop a “rapid and unified” response to alleged hostile actions by Russia. The plan was previously divulged by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to a closed door meeting with Conservative MPs.

  • Is Mayor de Blasio an Anti-Asian Bigot? - 6/8/2018

    In today's clash in liberalism's citadel over which races have too many seats at Brooklyn Tech and Stuyvesant, and which races have too few, we get a glimpse of America's future. It appears to be a future of endless collisions and conflicts over who deserves and who gets what—based upon ethnicity and race.

  • Cultural Diversity and Unity - 6/7/2018

    There is plentiful historical evidence that cultural diversity and immigration need not undermine a society's cohesion. They can be sources of enrichment and renewal.

  • Italy’s “Populist” Government - 6/6/2018

    In Italy’s general election on March 4, two parties routinely derided by the corporate media as “populist” won almost 70 percent of the votes cast. A coalition led by Matteo Salvini’s League won 37 percent of the vote and a plurality of seats both in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Senate.

  • Boehner's Right—It's Trump's Party Now - 6/5/2018

    "There is no Republican Party. There's a Trump party," John Boehner told a Mackinac, Michigan, gathering of the GOP faithful last week. "The Republican Party is kind of taking a nap somewhere."