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  • America's Lengthening Enemies List - 8/14/2018

    A list of America's adversaries here would contain the Taliban, the Houthis of Yemen, Bashar Assad of Syria, Erdogan's Turkey, Iran, North Korea, Russia and China—a pretty full plate. Are we prepared to see these confrontations through, to assure the capitulation of our adversaries? What do we do if they continue to defy us?

  • An Acceptable Hatred - 8/13/2018

    [F]or large swaths of elite opinion, it is now perfectly acceptable to hate people who think like me or look like me. And the people who approve of this hatred also claim for themselves the mantle of righteousness and moral superiority.

  • The Saudi-Canada Clash: A Values War - 8/10/2018

    Is it any of Canada's business whether Saudi women have the right to drive? Well, Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland just made it her business. Repeatedly denouncing Riyadh's arrest of women's rights advocate Samar Badawi, Freeland has driven the two countries close to a break in diplomatic relations.

  • Commeration of Amiens - 8/9/2018

    On August 8th, 1918, the battle of Amiens began, with stunning success. It was a masterpiece of planning and execution, utterly different from the blood-soaked failures of previous attacks—which included the Kaiserschlacht of July 1918.

  • The Legacy of Infinite War - 8/9/2018

    While so much about the War on Terror turned Global War on Terrorism turned World War IV turned the Long War turned “generational struggle” turned “infinite war” seems repetitious, the troops most associated with this conflict—the U.S. Special Operations forces—have seen changes galore.

  • Trump at Cannae - 8/8/2018

    Trump’s executive order signed on Tuesday will target Iran’s purchase or acquisition of US banknotes, its trade in gold and other precious metals, most of its currency transactions, and issuance of sovereign debt.

  • Are Globalists Plotting a Counter-Revolution? - 8/7/2018

    As long as Trump is in the White House and the party base is so viscerally behind him and his America First agenda, a renunciation of tariffs or a return to globalism is dead. But what happens after Trump? Who and what comes next?

  • Who Wants Power? - 8/6/2018

    "In office but not in power." That came from Norman Lamont in his resignation speech, on John Major's hapless Government.

  • Would War With Iran Doom Trump? - 8/3/2018

    A war with Iran would define, consume and potentially destroy the Trump presidency, but exhilarate the neocon never-Trumpers who most despise the man. Why, then, is President Donald Trump toying with such an idea?

  • Ditching the Cadaver - 8/2/2018

    If anything might have transformed the presidential election of 2004 from a dull ritual of mass democracy into an interesting and perhaps even meaningful act of civic decision, it would have been the presence of Patrick J. Buchanan, whose wit and sharp conservative intelligence enlivened the elections of 1992, 1996, and 2000.

  • Acronyms & Developments - 8/1/2018

    S.O.T. is the latest acronym to come out of Liberal HQ: Save Our Terrorists. The unco guid are outraged because Sajid Javid, the Home Secretary, has written to the US Justice to confirm that he has no objection to the American authorities trying two nominally British jihadists for their crimes—and without lodging the standard reservation, that if found guilty they must not be executed.

  • Egon Tausch, R.I.P. - 7/31/2018

    America has forgotten many of her people, but her loyal son, Egon Richard Tausch, never forgot her. His anger kindled at those who despised and sought to diminish the American, Southern, and Texas patrimony, yet he fought back not with vitriolic ad hominem but with fact and memory.

  • Will Tribalism Trump Democracy? - 7/31/2018

    Today, a large share of the American people loathe who we were from the time of the explorers and settlers, up until the end of segregation in the 1960s. They want to apologize for our past, rewrite our history, erase our memories and eradicate the monuments of those centuries.

  • Mike Pence’s Rank Hypocrisy - 7/30/2018

    On July 26 Vice President Michael (“Mike”) Pence addressed the first “Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom” in Washington D.C. Pence opened his remarks by asserting that “religious freedom is a top priority of this administration,” that this “most fundamental of freedoms . . . is in the interest of the peace and security of the world.”

  • Claude Polin, R.I.P. - 7/27/2018

    Chronicles loses a beloved contributor, editor, and friend.