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Ralph Berry


Ralph Berry writes from England.

  • Commeration of Amiens

    By Ralph Berry | August 09, 2018
    On August 8th, 1918, the battle of Amiens began, with stunning success. It was a masterpiece of planning and execution, utterly different from the blood-soaked failures of previous attacks—which included the Kaiserschlacht of July 1918.
  • Who Wants Power?

    By Ralph Berry | August 06, 2018
    "In office but not in power." That came from Norman Lamont in his resignation speech, on John Major's hapless Government.
  • Acronyms & Developments

    By Ralph Berry | August 01, 2018
    S.O.T. is the latest acronym to come out of Liberal HQ: Save Our Terrorists. The unco guid are outraged because Sajid Javid, the Home Secretary, has written to the US Justice to confirm that he has no objection to the American authorities trying two nominally British jihadists for their crimes—and without lodging the standard reservation, that if found guilty they must not be executed.
  • To Russia, With Respect

    By Ralph Berry | July 23, 2018
    Does anyone in the media read Alexis de Tocqueville? Many will have gone to college, and some have encountered a reading list that includes Democracy in America. It is the best book ever written on America, and because of its time the best that ever will be written.
  • Trump Visits the Ancien Regime

    By Ralph Berry | July 16, 2018
    “England,” said Roy Strong, “is the last ancien regime.” President Trump visited three visible proofs over this weekend.
  • The Last Days of Theresa May?

    By Ralph Berry | July 11, 2018
    “Britain is in turmoil” said Donald Trump. He is right. The country is perfectly happy with its World Cup entertainment, and a prolonged heat wave, but the political class is distraught.
  • A Tale of Two Humblebrags

    By Ralph Berry | July 09, 2018
    I was lately in Exeter, hoping to see something of the Islamic Centre at the University. As it was a Sunday when I visited, I thought they might have been open for business. But the doors were locked and no access was possible.
  • A Snap and a Party Gone Mad

    By Ralph Berry | July 02, 2018
    In any shopping mall, on any day, you can see a grizzling kid yearning for the chocolate-covered candy bar that his/her cruel mother is withholding from the distraught child.
  • Why the Left Fears Division

    By Ralph Berry | June 20, 2018
    'Divisive': the Left denounces the term. Good. It means that the enemy is running scared.
  • Trump Versus the Feminizers

    By Ralph Berry | January 18, 2017
    With Donald Trump soon to be inaugurated President of the United States, I can put forward what I see as the central factor in his victory. It is masculinity.
  • Honeymoon

    By Ralph Berry | October 25, 2016
    They are now sweeping up the confetti from the drive, whence Theresa May departed on her honeymoon. It is over.
  • Finito

    By Ralph Berry | September 15, 2016
    Nothing is easier than getting the future wrong. But I think that Hillary Clinton's presidential bid is finished.
  • Regime Change

    By Ralph Berry | September 06, 2016
    Speculation is mounting that Theresa May, emulating Richard Nixon’s epoch-making visit to China, may be planning a visit to Washington with a view to laying the foundations for a trade deal between the UK and US.
  • Post-Brexit

    By Ralph Berry | August 29, 2016
    The Remainers, having lost the war, have now entered the franc-tireur phase and have taken to the hills where they continue the clamor for the lost provinces. Their current spokesman is Owen Smith, pretender to the Labour throne.
  • Lords

    By Ralph Berry | August 02, 2016
    You might think that after the recent referendum the Peers v. People issue had been settled, for a time. And it is true that a heavy majority of Remainers wore ermine on parade. But no: the Resistance movement is headed by Baroness Wheatcroft, who now urges that the Government "revisit" the LEAVE decision of the people.
  • Media

    By Ralph Berry | July 25, 2016
    Groupthink is the grand code of political commentary, together with its corollary; groupthink is wrong, nearly all the time.
  • Nigel Farage, a Different Direction

    By Ralph Berry | July 05, 2016
    It is given to very few to say that they have changed history. Farage did. UKIP was less a party than a movement, which owed everything to the personality of one man who converted a nation to his way of thinking.
  • Referendum Campaign

    By Ralph Berry | June 24, 2016
    “Peers v. People”: the EU referendum campaign appeared as a remake of the great debate a century ago, and like most remakes it was not up to the original.

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