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R. Cort Kirkwood


R. Cort Kirkwood has been writing about American politics and culture for more than 20 years. In addition to writing for TNA, Cort has also written for ChroniclesNational ReviewThe RemnantThe Christian Science MonitorThe Wall Street JournalThe Baltimore SunThe Orange County RegisterTaki’s Top Drawer online magazine, and

  • Call It ‘Gender Insanity’

    By R. Cort Kirkwood | March 30, 2016
    The girls aren’t signing up for combat roles in the Marines Corps as fast as the sisterhood would like, NPR reports.
  • Questions For The Pentagon About Drafting Women

    By R. Cort Kirkwood | February 05, 2016
    Apropos of my blog post yesterday, which noted that the nation’s top soldier and Marine think women must be subject to the draft given their coming role as combatants, I have a few questions for them.
  • They’re Coming For Our Daughters

    By R. Cort Kirkwood | February 04, 2016
    The exemption of women from the military draft is soon to end. Top generals told the Senate the other day that women must be drafted.
  • Fraternity Sues Rolling Stone, Author For $25 Million

    By R. Cort Kirkwood | November 11, 2015
    Inquiring minds want to know: Is Erdely finished "re-reporting?" If not, why not? If so, when do we get the "re-reported" story?
  • A Few More Thoughts About Women In Combat

    By R. Cort Kirkwood | October 15, 2015
    So we now learn that women might be drafted into the military. The news is a fitting coda to Tom Piatak’s post about women in combat, to which I added another.
  • The Question Isn’t Whether They Can (But Most Can’t), The Question Is Whether They Should

    By R. Cort Kirkwood | September 25, 2015
    As I wrote for Chronicles in 2013, the strongest women are only as strong as the weakest men, according to testimony before the President George H.W. Bush’s Presidential Commission on the Assignment of Women in the Armed Forces.
  • Not News — Rolling Stone Sued, Editor Quits

    By R. Cort Kirkwood | August 12, 2015
    The idea that Will Dana “resigned” is hard to swallow. “After 19 years at Rolling Stone,” he said, I have decided that it is time to move on.” Few believe that.
  • Trump Vs. McCain: Don't Be Too Sure The Donald Is Wrong

    By R. Cort Kirkwood | July 28, 2015
    Donald Trump’s remarks were imprudent, and they didn’t do much for his cause, but he raised questions about McCain that need to be answered.
  • Still Waiting For That “Re-Reported” Story

    By R. Cort Kirkwood | July 16, 2015
    After spinning a lurid yarn of gang rape headlined “A Rape On Campus,” Erdely and Rolling Stone claimed they would “re-report” the story. Where is this "re-reported" story?

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