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Peter J. Stanlis


Peter J. Stanlis passed away on July 18, 2011, aged 91. He was Distinguished Professor of Humanities, Emeritus, at Rockford College and a world authority on Edmund Burke and Robert Frost.

  • The Politics of Property

    By Peter J. Stanlis | December 05, 2019
    A great many scholars have dealt in considerable detail with Edmund Burke's party politics and political philosophy, and a few have examined his thoughts on economics. But Francis Canavan's latest book is the first thorough and systematic study of the interrelationship of that great thinker's political and economic beliefs. As such it is particularly valuable, since it provides an excellent answer to the knotty question of whether Burke's politics and economics are complementary, or…
  • Robert Frost: Social and Political Conservative

    By Peter J. Stanlis | October 10, 2018
    Robert Frost published 11 books of poetry, won four Pulitzer Prizes, established himself as the unofficial poet laureate of the United States, and acquired a national and international literary reputation.

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