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Nick Turse


Nick Turse is the managing editor of TomDispatch, a fellow at the Nation Institute, and a contributing writer for the Intercept.

  • Special Ops at War

    By Nick Turse | January 10, 2018
    From Afghanistan to Somalia, Special Ops Achieves Less with More
  • From America With Love

    By Nick Turse | October 30, 2017
    Over the last two decades, relations between the United States and Russia have increasingly soured, with Moscow casting blame on the United States for encouraging the Rose Revolution in Georgia in 2003 and the Orange Revolution in Ukraine a year later.
  • The Journalist and the Fixer: Who Makes the Story Possible?

    By Nick Turse | October 05, 2017
    Once, I believed journalists roamed the world reporting stories on their own. Presumably, somebody edited the articles, but a lone byline meant that the foreign correspondent was the sole author of the reporting. Then I became a journalist and quickly learned the truth.
  • A Wide World of Winless War

    By Nick Turse | June 26, 2017
    Globe-Trotting U.S. Special Ops Forces already deployed to 137 nations in 2017.
  • The US Military Moves Deeper Into Africa

    By Nick Turse | May 01, 2017
    America’s war-fighting footprint in Africa secret U.S. Military documents reveal a constellation of American military bases across that continent.

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