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John Seiler


John Seiler is managing editor at He has written editorials for the Orange County Register for 27 years,. as well as numerous articles for Chronicles and other publications. He served in the U.S. Army as a Russian linguist from 1978 to 1982.

  • Trump Triumph Means Chronicles Wins, National Review Loses

    By John Seiler | December 21, 2016
    Already, we’ve seen [Trump] save Carrier jobs and start negotiations for normalizing relations with Russia, avoiding the nuclear war Hillary really was risking. The stock market is zooming and the jobs creation is booming.
  • Trump Victory Uncovers National Review’s Dysfunction

    By John Seiler | November 14, 2016
    On Nov. 8, these “dysfunctional, downscale communities” refused “to die” and instead rose up and voted for Trump. They want to Make America Great Again, a slogan that, for once, actually resonated in the Heartland and brought them out by the millions to support their champion.
  • The Media’s Assault on Trump

    By John Seiler | August 18, 2016
    The [media] attacks on Trump are much more vicious than anything ever faced by the Bushes—who, after all, are part of the same Establishment as the media, and even Reagan.
  • The Convention Behind the Scenes

    By John Seiler | July 20, 2016
    While what’s said before the TV cameras at a political convention is important, just as important is what goes on behind the scenes in the meeting rooms. That’s where policymakers of all stripes meet and hammer out a political party’s future.
  • Does Trump Still Have a Chance?

    By John Seiler | June 16, 2016
    The neocons are gloating that Donald Trump’s poll numbers have slumped. “Donald Trump is in the midst of a fairly dramatic collapse in public opinion polls,” enthuses Peter Wehner in Commentary.
  • ‘The Brilliant’ Larry Summers Tries to Trash Trump

    By John Seiler | June 08, 2016
    Gerald Celente likes to mock “The Brilliant” Larry Summers, top economic guru to the Clinton and Obama administrations, and therefore a primary architect of America’s economic decay, especially of its middle class.
  • Trump vs. Tyranny

    By John Seiler | June 03, 2016
    Donald Trump already is the presumptive Republican nominee for president and easily will win Tuesday’s California primary. Yet he has continued to campaign in the state, which has revealed the top issue of this campaign: Trump vs. tyranny.
  • Fiat-Chrysler, Gold and Gas Prices

    By John Seiler | May 03, 2016
    When the dollar inflates, so do oil and gas prices; that tanks sales for trucks and SUVS and increases sales for small cars (as in 2007-11). When prices stabilize or deflation hits (as in the past several years), SUV and truck sales soar, but small car sales crash.
  • Neocons Mangle Conservative History

    By John Seiler | April 15, 2016
    Two neocons have put up inadvertently hilarious potted histories of the conservative movement, in particular National Review. . . . They both mythologize NR’s role in its early decades.
  • The Unitary State of America

    By John Seiler | April 06, 2016
    America boasts of its “federalism,” that the 50 states (originally 13) still are “free and independent,” as the Declaration of Independence proclaimed. The country’s name, the United States, is plural.
  • NR’s Jihad Against Trump—and America

    By John Seiler | March 28, 2016
    Up until the 1974 Depression, the only way you could avoid providing for your family—your wife staying home with the kids and a cottage up North on a lake—was if you were too lazy to work an assembly-line job that, admittedly, sometimes could be tough.
  • Why Is Japan Dying?

    By John Seiler | January 22, 2016
    It’s Jan. 22, 2016, the 43rd anniversary of the Roe v. Wade abortion decision by the U.S. Supreme Court that has killed more than 60 million babies here.
  • Good Trump News: Rove Attacks

    By John Seiler | December 01, 2015
    It is great news for any campaign when an Establishment hack like Karl Rove opposes you.
  • TPP’s 5,544-page Flim-Flam

    By John Seiler | November 10, 2015
    No wonder the Obama regime kept the Trans-Pacific Partnership secret as long as it could. It’s far worse than even its greatest critics imagined.
  • China’s One Child Policy—and Ours

    By John Seiler | November 02, 2015
    If you’re an old pro-lifer like me, you remember the many battles over China’s one-child policy. Mao actually encouraged large families. He thought population problems would be solved by communist economic planning.
  • Bye, Bye Boehner

    By John Seiler | September 25, 2015
    The revolt against the Establishment continues. The three leading contenders for the Republican nomination for president – Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina – never have held political office.
  • Fourth Generation War and the Migrant Invasion of Europe.

    By John Seiler | September 10, 2015
    Fourth Generation War theory provides a useful tool to understand the migrant invasion of Europe. 4GW basically is non-state warfare.
  • The New Invasion of Europe

    By John Seiler | September 03, 2015
    Europe lost its will to survive and is being invaded by immigrants: It discarded its Christian faith, which plunged its birth rate to half the replacement level, meaning rapid extinction no matter what.
  • Blame the Fed, not China, for yuan devaluation

    By John Seiler | August 19, 2015
    Donald Trump is right to blame our government for its many bad trade deals with China. But he makes a mistake when attacking China’s recent devaluation of the yuan.
  • How Rand Paul Blew It

    By John Seiler | August 11, 2015
    Rand Paul was positioned to do well at the beginning of his campaign. But his poor performance in last Thursday’s debate underlined that his campaign long ago blew it.
  • LBJ's Silver Coin Debasement 50 Years Old

    By John Seiler | July 24, 2015
    LBJ lied. It was part of what was called his “credibility gap,” especially about the Vietnam War. But about everything else, too. Only top LBJ historians can identify the rare instances he ever told the truth, and then by accident.
  • National Geographic goes hyper-political

    By John Seiler | July 15, 2015
    Is it anti-science to bring up scientific hypotheses? Isn’t the heart of science conjecture and refutation?
  • Trump seizes immigration issue

    By John Seiler | July 07, 2015
    As everybody knows by now, in somewhat impolitic language Trump called for building a wall with Mexico and otherwise enforcing U.S. immigration laws.
  • Dixie Peaceniks?

    By John Seiler | June 30, 2015
    The ongoing attack on things Southern, in particular the Confederate battle flag, might not turn out as well as progressives and neocons – and craven Republican presidential candidates – think it will.
  • The Duopoly Wins on Trade, You Lose

    By John Seiler | June 26, 2015
    Sometimes a bellwether issue isn’t the most important issue. Abortion is more important than this week’s U.S. Senate vote on Trade Promotion Authority. But abortion is a decades-old issue that has involved many battles, and still does.
  • Obamatrade boosts small business taxes

    By John Seiler | June 17, 2015
    Although defeated for now – and, one hopes, permanently – details are leaking out about the Obamatrade deal. Sen. Rand Paul revealed that it would increase taxes on small businesses.
  • Why Doesn’t GOP Congress Subpoena TPP Documents?

    By John Seiler | June 08, 2015
    President Obama continues to keep secret the documents on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. Congressmen can see the documents only if they pledge not to reveal the contents.
  • Will Congress deep-six the traitorous “PATRIOT” Act?

    By John Seiler | May 27, 2015
    After 9/11, co-President Bush, co-President Dick Cheney and the others in their repulsive regime panicked. The first thing they did was destroy our liberties with the misnamed, really traitorous USA “PATRIOT” Act.
  • Even NAFTA and GATT backer trashes new trade flim-flam

    By John Seiler | May 20, 2015
    Michael Wessel is a Democrat and a trade negotiator who was a big backer of the NAFTA and GATT deals two decades ago. But listen to him on the supersecret Trans-Pacific Partnership; he’s one of the few people actually to have read it.
  • Rubio Rising?

    By John Seiler | May 14, 2015
    As Chronicles readers know, I’m not exactly a fan of Jeb or any other Bush, and don’t think he will be president. But no doubt Jeb is brushing up on his foreign policy chops with long talks with his brother, the former president.
  • Obama Flim-Flams Congress on Trade Authority

    By John Seiler | May 06, 2015
    The U.S. Constitution is clear: “The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises… To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations….”
  • Chronicles Potpourri – American absurdities and abnormalities

    By John Seiler | April 24, 2015
    According to U.S. News, a survey found less than 8 percent of America’s “major” universities required English majors to take a Shakespeare course. He’s a DWM (Dead White Male) and all.
  • Ready for Hillary?

    By John Seiler | April 17, 2015
    When she announced her fourth candidacy for president, I signed up for Hillary’s mailing list. (In case you forgot, she won two terms as co-president with Bill, in 1992 and 1996, before losing her co-president race in 2008.)
  • Jeans to Flag Ban in 46 Years

    By John Seiler | April 02, 2015
    Back in the innocent days of 1967-70, I attended Benjamin Franklin Junior High School in the Wayne-Westland Community School District in Michigan. District motto: “Absolutely, entirely, completely dedicated to mediocrity.”
  • Solar Keynesianism

    By John Seiler | March 09, 2015
    Like me, you may be suffering from “jet lag” today because of the “lost” hour yesterday when most of the country – excepting only the sensible states of Arizona and Hawaii – switched to Daylight Savings Time.
  • Renzi Nicht Rienzi

    By John Seiler | February 17, 2015
    The ISIS problem, as I wrote in the March Chronicles, is part of what’s called Fourth Generation War – non-state war. I pointed out 4GW must be countered two ways: First, don’t break up states.
  • Actually, Obama Backs Defending Borders

    By John Seiler | February 12, 2015
    It’s part of the dissolution of what used to be America that the putative government of “We the people” is less concerned about our own actual, porous borders than with the border on the other side of the world of the Ukraine, which most Americans can’t distinguish from the UK.
  • The Sleazy Bowl

    By John Seiler | February 02, 2015
    Every year I vow I’m not going to watch the next one, but inevitably end up watching it anyway. The commercials pushed in yesterday’s game were so gross, so vile, even so blasphemous it should have been called the Sleazy Bowl.
  • 57 million babies and counting, RIP

    By John Seiler | January 22, 2015
    Something died in America 42 years ago today. That’s when the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its 1973 edict, Roe v. Wade, forcing all 50 states to almost completely legalize abortion on demand – even those states that already had legalized it.
  • Thoughts on the Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris

    By John Seiler | January 08, 2015
    Maybe gun control isn’t such a great idea. The killers somehow got AK-47s and possibly other weapons, while the victims suffered from France’s strict gun-control policy. As gun-rights folks say, When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.
  • Chronicles cheer for Christmas 2014

    By John Seiler | December 23, 2014
    This Christmas I’ve been trying to find some glimpses of good cheer in a country that for decades, as Tom Piatak, wrote earlier this month, is far more Pottersville than Bedford Falls, even under national Republicans.
  • Jeb!

    By John Seiler | December 17, 2014
    I’m hoping Jeb Bush will run for president – because his guaranteed demise would be what I hope would be a fitting end to the Bush Dynasty.
  • Torture and Fourth Generation War

    By John Seiler | December 12, 2014
    Discussions on this week’s Senate report on the CIA and torture centered on two things: whether it’s moral. (It isn’t. Before 9/11, all Americans agreed on that.) And whether it worked to protect our country. The report said torture didn’t do any good.
  • GOP Predictably Sells Out America

    By John Seiler | December 03, 2014
    A month ago was a day before the Nov. 4 election. In this space I predicted, “GOP sellout strikes on Wednesday.” It wasn’t hard being Nostradamus. Here’s the latest.
  • Obama Imposes Anarcho-Tyranny on Ferguson

    By John Seiler | November 25, 2014
    Sam Francis' phrase "anarcho-tyranny" described when government, which is supposed to protect ordinary citizens, instead leaves them to anarchy; while the law-abiding are subject to monstrous centralized controls over every aspect of their lives.
  • Last Chance to Stop Obama’s Immigration Anschluss

    By John Seiler | November 21, 2014
    Today President Obama accelerated his Anschluss of illegal aliens into the country whose Constitution he has sworn to uphold, but which he has shredded at every chance.
  • Undercover Big Brother Is Watching You

    By John Seiler | November 19, 2014
    Not only does the U.S. government spy on everything we watch on websites, say on the phone or write in emails or messages. At least 40 agencies use Undercover Big Brother agents to infiltrate everything we do.
  • America’s ‘Bananas’ Middle East Policy

    By John Seiler | November 14, 2014
    In Woody Allen’s farce “Bananas,” he’s being air-dropped into a Central American banana republic to foment a revolution. On the plane are two CIA agents who say this time they’re backing both sides of the revolution to make sure America is on the winning side.
  • GOP sellout strikes Wednesday

    By John Seiler | November 03, 2014
    To turn an American phrase already well worn out: If doing something over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity, all 30 million Republican voters Tuesday should be put in asylums.
  • Chronicles’ Halloween 2014 Most Horrible Americans List

    By John Seiler | October 31, 2014
    What with zombies, Ebola and politicians infecting the Land of the Free, it’s surprising we’ve survived. So it’s time for: Chronicles’ Halloween 2014 Most Horrible Americans List.
  • Krugman Oblivious to Inflation

    By John Seiler | October 22, 2014
    Nobel economics laureate Paul Krugman got upset on a recent plane flight when he saw Ron Paul on NewsMax TV on the jet’s telescreen.
  • Buchanan 92 ‘Culture War’ Speech Still Provokes

    By John Seiler | October 16, 2014
    I can’t think of a political speech in recent decades that more rattles around the back of the conscious of the American mind than Pat Buchanan’s “Culture Wars” speech at the 1992 Republican National Convention in Houston.
  • Tech Oligarchs Assault ALEC

    By John Seiler | October 08, 2014
    In Chronicles two years ago I defended the American Legislative Exchange Council against assaults by George Soros-funded groups seeking to shut down debate.
  • Chronicles’ Politics by the Numbers Dept. ™

    By John Seiler | September 24, 2014
    I’m starting something new here: Chronicles’ by the Numbers Dept. ™
  • Vive L'Écosse Libre!

    By John Seiler | September 18, 2014
    I hope I’m not mangling the French in my title, “Vive l'Écosse Libre!” It’s a gloss on de Gaulle’s shout at Montreal City Hall on July 24, 1967, “Vive le Québec libre!”
  • Waist Deep in the Big Sandy

    By John Seiler | September 12, 2014
    In his Wednesday evening speech, President Obama announced he was sending us back big time into the Big Sandy of Iraq, this time including Syria, to battle the evil forces which he annoyingly, like the rest of administration, still calls ISIL.
  • Welcome Back to the Slammer…er…School

    By John Seiler | September 08, 2014
    American public schools are prisons. They even look like prisons. See the nearby picture of Century High School in Santa Ana.
  • ‘Bless You’ Banned in Georgia College

    By John Seiler | August 27, 2014
    Last week I blogged about a Tennessee high-school classroom banning students saying, “Bless you!” Now the repression has spread to college.
  • Functionally atheist government schools

    By John Seiler | August 20, 2014
    A couple of times in my writings for Chronicles I’ve mentioned “functionally atheist government schools.” That’s what they’ve been since the early 1960s, when several U.S. Supreme Court edicts effectively banned any mention of religion, or anything approaching religion, from public schools.
  • Will there be an Independence Day 2015?

    By John Seiler | July 04, 2014
    As Independence Day 2014 approaches, I’m still wondering when one of the Republican presidential candidates is going to seize the immigration issue and march to victory in the White House.
  • How’d the Iraq War work out for you?

    By John Seiler | June 18, 2014
    I always think of my neighbor's son who died by an IED back in 2006 whenever some big news comes out about Iraq, such as the recent reports on the ISIS al Qaeda affiliate taking over large areas of Iraq the U.S. military had conquered a decade ago. It was all for nothing, people are saying.
  • Schadefreude over Michael Moore’s divorce?

    By John Seiler | June 13, 2014
    Raised a Catholic, his marriage likely is sacramental, which means he still would be married whatever decision is made by the courts of the civil government he loves so much and seeks to expand ad infinitum.
  • Immigration issue lying in the street

    By John Seiler | June 11, 2014
    Right now the immigration issue is lying in the street for whatever Republican presidential candidate, if any, is willing to pick it up – and not just toy with it, but make another 40-year ban the centerpiece of his campaign.
  • D.C. Vampires Devouring U.S. Economy

    By John Seiler | May 28, 2014
    At the top of a chart which shows the decline in Real Median Household Income, the state at the top of the list with no decline was Washington, D.C. It’s a giant vampire sinking its teeth into the rest of the country and devouring its blood.
  • Nado alert! Nado alert!

    By John Seiler | May 14, 2014
    “Nado alert! Nado alert!” people were screaming about 1 am outside my room at Michaels Barracks in Hoechst, West Germany, a couple of days after I was posted there on Sept. 12, 1979.
  • USA becomes military dictatorship

    By John Seiler | May 07, 2014
    With little fanfare, in the past week the United States officially became a military dictatorship.
  • Rummy is the tax problem, not the solution

    By John Seiler | April 22, 2014
    In his actual tweet, SecDef Donald Rumsfeld wrote, “That I & most Americans have no idea whether our taxes are accurate tells us something.” Yes. And one thing it tells us that he still won’t admit he’s a major cause of the problem.
  • April 15: Tax slavery day

    By John Seiler | April 15, 2014
    Another year, another April 15 when the government gouges us to the bone.
  • President Meets Pope

    By John Seiler | March 31, 2014
    When President Obama met with Pope Francis, I was expecting a Walk to Canossa. It turned out the latest in a long line of reactionary disappointments.
  • Ex-Democracy in America

    By John Seiler | March 25, 2014
    Let’s skip worrying about democracy in Ukraine, Crimea and Russia for a few minutes. And concentrate on democracy right here in America. Yet another federal judge overturned state laws banning the absurdity of same-sex “marriage,” in this case in Michigan.
  • CPAC moves to Rockford?

    By John Seiler | March 11, 2014
    Here’s how you’ll know the conservative movement means something again: When the Conservative Political Action Conference, which just held its annual meeting, moves from Washington, D.C. to Rockford. Or Dubuque. Or Peoria. Or Helena. Or San Antonio. Or Bakersfield.
  • I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ukraine

    By John Seiler | March 04, 2014
    “Would you mind not shooting at the thermonuclear weapons?” is a line from the bad guy, played by John Travolta, in the 1996 action flick “Broken Arrow.” Not a great addition to our national culture, but slightly enjoyable at the time.
  • Six Californias?

    By John Seiler | February 24, 2014
    California is a preposterously large state, with 38 million dwellers stretching toward 138 million. So it’s not surprising a new idea to split it into six states has gurgled up from Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper, who’s holding a press conference today, Feb. 24, at 6 pm EST.
  • Stop Clowning Around

    By John Seiler | February 17, 2014
    Seriously, if possible, the NY Daily News reports: “Membership at the country’s largest trade organizations for the jokesters has plunged over the past decade as declining interest, old age and higher standards among employers align against Krusty, Bozo and their crimson-nosed colleagues.”
  • Russkies Jibe at American Loss of Freedoms

    By John Seiler | February 12, 2014
    A great way to attack somebody is to mock hypocrisy over a perceived strength. During the Cold War, anti-communist writers like yours truly would scribble something like this about the Soviet Union: “In the workers’ paradise, only the bosses have cars and a washing machine is your babushka (grandmother).” Payback time.

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