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Jeff Minick


Jeff Minick writes from Asheville, North Carolina, where he teaches seminars in Latin, history and literature to homeschool students.  He is the author of a novel, Amanda Bell.

  • Fascism in Montford

    By Jeff Minick | July 24, 2014
    During the early morning hours of Monday, March 31, an unidentified person or persons smashed out the window of a ten-year-old Honda Civic parked on Cumberland Street in the neighborhood of Montford in Asheville.
  • Ready, Aim, Fire: Men, Marksmanship, and Public Urinals

    By Jeff Minick | July 22, 2014
    American boys and men have always taken great pride in hitting targets. Whether that target was a bulls-eye during an archery class at summer camp or a catcher’s mitt in high school baseball, we applaud those who possess the ability to strike a target.

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