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Gerald Russello


Gerald J. Russello is editor of The University Bookman (

  • A Question of Dots

    By Gerald Russello | September 19, 2018
    The Watchers is a well-written and gripping account of the emergence of the “surveillance state,” seen primarily through the prism of John Poindexter’s career.
  • The Declaration Now—and Then

    By Gerald Russello | September 13, 2018
    In 1996, Barry Alan Shain published his Myth of American Individualism: The Protestant Origins of American Political Thought. It was a book that should have shaken professional conservatism to its foundations.
  • The Seedbed of Renewal

    By Gerald Russello | November 29, 2017
    Many people who consider themselves conservative are woefully ignorant of the culture they claim to defend. The list of causes is long: Television has largely destroyed storytelling, public school denigrates the idea of a common culture, and the internet has killed off lingering remnants of community.

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