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Florence King


Florence King (January 5, 1936 – January 6, 2016) was an American novelist, essayist and columnist. She was the author of Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady.

  • Anglo-Americana

    By Florence King | June 20, 2019
    In 1858, as British and French forces pushed their way to Peking in the Opium Wars, Josiah Tatnall, commander of the neutral American naval squadron, intervened to save the British ships from Chinese guns and tow them safely out of range.
  • A Song in My Heart, A Hole in My Head

    By Florence King | April 03, 2019
    Eleanor Roosevelt and I go way back. My father taught me to read from a stack of her "My Day" columns in 1940. We happened to have a plentiful supply of "My Day" in the house because the doctor had refused to be responsible for my reactionary grandmother's blood pressure unless she stopped reading it.

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