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Derek Turner


Derek Turner, editor of The Quarterly Review, is the author of the novel Sea Changes (Radix).

  • Miliband on migration

    By Derek Turner | June 22, 2012
    He denounced both the Blair and Brown governments for not limiting immigration from new EU members after 2004, and stressed that those who criticized immigration could not be dismissed as “bigots” – a cutting criticism of his former boss Gordon Brown, notoriously recorded referring to a lifelong Labour voter in those endearing terms.
  • The struggle for Scotland's soul

    By Derek Turner | May 25, 2012
    Today a cinema in Edinburgh was the bathetic setting for the launch of the Scottish National Party’s bid for Scottish independence. The SNP desires a yes/no referendum (possibly with an increased devolution alternative) to be held in October 2014, 700 years after Bannockburn.

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