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Claes G. Ryn


Claes G. Ryn, a professor of politics at the Catholic University of America, is the chairman of the National Humanities Institute and the president of the Philadelphia Society.

  • No More Nonsense About Elites

    By Claes G. Ryn | March 27, 2019
    A fish starts rotting from the head, it is said. That a society starts rotting from its head needs to be much better understood. Blaming the decline of Western society on a "revolt of the masses" absolves elites, who must bear the brunt of the blame.
  • Cultural Diversity and Unity

    By Claes G. Ryn | June 07, 2018
    There is plentiful historical evidence that cultural diversity and immigration need not undermine a society's cohesion. They can be sources of enrichment and renewal.

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