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Chilton Williamson, Jr.


Chilton Williamson, Jr. is the editor of Chronicles and acting president of The Rockford Institute.

  • John McCain RIP

    By Chilton Williamson, Jr. | August 27, 2018
    “The conscience of the Senate”
  • Claude Polin, R.I.P.

    By Chilton Williamson, Jr. | July 27, 2018
    Chronicles loses a beloved contributor, editor, and friend.
  • The Trump Abroad (with apologies to Mark Twain)

    By Chilton Williamson, Jr. | July 19, 2018
    With the sole exception of his unfortunate misstep during his joint news conference with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki when he seemed to take Putin’s word over American intelligence regarding the Kremlin’s interference in the American elections two years ago, President Trump’s foray abroad last week was a triumph.
  • Passing Up Chances

    By Chilton Williamson, Jr. | June 28, 2018
    The frequency with which American politicians—and Republican ones in particular—habitually neglect or pass up obvious chances to score a telling hit on their opponents is really amazing.
  • Habitual Dishonesty

    By Chilton Williamson, Jr. | June 25, 2018
    Cleverly and with their habitual dishonesty, liberals this spring have managed to turn the issue of mass immigration into issues of mass refugee and asylum seeking, thus altering the terms of debate entirely.
  • Suicide of the West (Reconsidered)

    By Chilton Williamson, Jr. | January 25, 2018
    The elegant duplex maisonette at 73 East 73rd Street in Manhattan, formerly the residence of the late Mr. and Mrs. William F. Buckley, Jr., was recently bought by Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rockefeller, son and daughter-in-law of the late Gov. Nelson Rockefeller.
  • Sam Francis at the New York Times

    By Chilton Williamson, Jr. | September 22, 2017
    David Brooks devotes his column in the New York Times today (22 September 2017) to a generous appreciation of Sam Francis, whom he calls “one of the most prescient writers of the past 50 years.”
  • Carry On

    By Chilton Williamson, Jr. | September 07, 2017
    The modern world abounds in modern heresies. One might say that modernity itself is a heresy—modernity understood in the broadest possible terms as the antithesis of the traditional.
  • The Russia Question—About Hillary Clinton

    By Chilton Williamson, Jr. | July 17, 2017
    I invite readers of this blog to review this article by Peter Schweizer, author of Clinton Cash (Harper Collins, 2015), in light of the stories about Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with the Russian lawyer, Miss Veselnitskaya, in Trump Tower a year ago last June.
  • Tyranny in Our Time

    By Chilton Williamson, Jr. | July 13, 2017
    The Tyranny of Liberalism, published in 2008, established James Kalb, a writer and attorney, as one of the most incisive social, intellectual, and political critics of the 21st century. Against Inclusiveness furthers the argument of the first book, while expanding upon it in interesting directions.
  • Spread Far and Wide

    By Chilton Williamson, Jr. | June 27, 2016
    The news was spread far and wide last weekend that George F. Will is no longer registered as a Republican and is now politically “unaffiliated,” owing to the GOP’s acceptance (however grudging) of Donald Trump as its presidential nominee.

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