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The New Resistance Is Rising

In the 1976 film Network, a newscaster driven to the brink of insanity by his rage exhorts his viewers to throw open the windows of their apartments and homes, and shout “I’m mad as h---, and I’m not going to take it anymore.” Within minutes, thousands of people are roaring these words into the night.

In the wake of a decades-long culture war, four years of bile and lies from the left and the mainstream media, nine months of coronavirus lockdowns, and now an election possibly rife with fraud, more and more Americans are opening their eyes to the debased state of their political system and the abusive machinations of their governments.

More and more of them are spitting mad and are not going to take it anymore.

The COVID-19 lockdowns are seeing greater pushback from angry citizens who fear the loss of their jobs and their way of life. In “Civil Disobedience Over Lockdowns Spreads Across America,” Foundation for Economic Education's Jon Miltimore cites several examples of these protests in the streets, by private citizens and even by sheriffs and country officials who refuse to carry out the extreme orders of their governors, particularly the dictates and regulations issued just before the holiday season.

In “Cops Refuse to be the Thanksgiving Police,” Daniel Greenfield reports in even greater detail the refusal of many police departments to investigate citizens in their homes for possibly violating such orders. From coast to coast, the police are bravely and righteously ignoring dictates demanding they knock on doors and disperse families and friends eating supper together.

Here in Warren County, Virginia, for example, the sheriff’s department issued a statement just before Thanksgiving instructing residents not to call 911 or the sheriff’s department to report neighbors hosting large numbers of visitors. Instead, the department politely asked those with such concerns to contact public health officials, as such matters fell under their jurisdiction.

In other words, the sheriff was saying that they were not going to be knocking at the doors of those enjoying their Thanksgiving meal.

Another example: my daughter shared a post from Pennsylvania State Representative David Rowe, who was seated in a bar holding a drink in one hand and a phone showing the time—5:01 p.m.—in the other, with the post’s message reading “Happy Thanksgiving, Governor Wolf!” Wolf had ordered all bars and stores to quit selling alcoholic beverages at 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving Eve.

Many Americans are also incensed over the 2020 presidential election results. President Trump’s lawyers are attempting to find evidence of possible frauds—mail-in ballots, tens of thousands of dead voters who miraculously cast ballots, massive computer irregularities and malfeasance—that if nothing else reveal the sorry state of our election system. Thousands of Americans have come forward to swear under oath that they observed such irregularities, again a sign of protest.

Social media provides more evidence of American fury with the system. With social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter censoring different outlets, including Intellectual Takeout, droves of people are abandoning those platforms for less suppressive outfits like Parler, Rumble, and MeWe.

Meanwhile, millions of Americans are expressing their anger with the system in more personal ways. Many families this past summer, for example, abandoned the public school system, switching to private schools or taking matters into their own hands and teaching their kids at home.

Others are supporting one another through social media and informal networking. For example, my friend John was at the laundromat this week, where he has befriended one of the employees. When the man asked how he was doing, John gave a disheartened answer, referencing the state of the country, at which point his friend gave him such an impassioned speech—“It’s not time to quit, it’s time to get fired up!”—that John left with his spirits renewed.

For four years, we have heard about the Resistance, a conglomeration of radicals, leftists, officials in various government bureaucracies, wealthy donors, and others, all of them determined to damage Donald Trump’s presidency or remove him from office altogether.

Now the time has come for a New Resistance. Into this merry band we should welcome everyone—Democrats, Republicans, conservatives, liberals, libertarians, men and women, straight and gay, black, brown, and white—who cherishes liberty and despises tyranny. We can make our voices heard in myriad ways, we can protest every time a “servant of the people” puts on a tin-pot hat and starts issuing edicts as if he were an emperor, and we can stick together and stand fast in the face of oppression.

Whether Trump is reelected is immaterial to this cause. Indeed, given his penchant for spending us ever deeper into debt, we should hold Trump’s feet to the fire as well. We must rise above politics and start advocating for what’s best for the country and for individual freedom.

It’s the American Way, and we need to get back on this path as soon as possible.

Jeff Minick

Jeff Minick

Jeff Minick lives in Front Royal, Virginia, and may be found online at jeffminick.com. He is the author of two novels, Amanda Bell and Dust on Their Wings, and two works of non-fiction, Learning as I Go and Movies Make the Man.

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Tom Paine
Overwhelming proof of millions of fraudulent votes. US military confirms foreign cyber war interference in election. This is treason out in the open now.Time to stop this genteel oh my nonsense; Trump needs to invoke the Insurrection Act and Marshall law. Hold military tribunals for treason to avert a coming civil war. Elections can be held after the Deep State is destroyed; can’t win GA with crooked Dominion servers anyway. Do you not see the signs of the times? This is 1776 again; genteel intellectual hand wringing is no longer needed. If Trump doesn’t have the guts or was a fraudulent demagogue all along then civil war and secession is inevitable. Please wake up to the historic moment we are in.


Account Photo
I sincerely pray that secession is inevitable, because it is the obvious answer to how we kill the leviathan we have created! The sovereign States MUST stand up and interpose themselves between their citizenry and the oppression of the federal monster. SECESSION IS THE ANSWER!!!!
Brutus The Anti Federalist
In 1775 those first shots were fired on the soldiers. Right now, with some exceptions, the police, Sheriffs, and other LEO groups, some federal, are filling that role. It is against those who you will be waring as the BLM and ATIFA crowd will scatter like cockroaches. We have already seen how they scatter when they loose the upper hand and have real skin in the game. Those that appear not to be supporting the tyranny, at this time, may flip at that time. My LEO friends agree.
I don't have a lot of faith in Sheriff departments. The same ones refusing to enforce lockdown orders will mostly be all too happy to enforce eviction orders on people impoverished by lockdown driven economic factors. We'll see that soon enough as we recently saw it in L. A. As far as "whether Trump is reelected"...seriously, get over it. He lost. He lost an election as fair as any we get. I heard nothing about this election I did not hear when Kerry lost to Bush or when Romney lost to Obama. Don't debase yourself by falling for the conspiracy b.s.


Brutus The Anti Federalist
Bennett, The difference here is the blatant openness and pre admission of the crime. Lincoln was reelected on massive corruption. Johnson got the senate on a stuffed ballot box, the guilty even took a group photo. Kennedy go in on a rigged election, look at what the Republicans did in the South. And we get blamed for what they passed when we were not allowed to vote or hold office. If the vote is not held next to scared let's say "fights on", don Red & Blue shirts, last group standing wins