Blaspheming Liberals

“Free speech!” has been the rallying cry of Republicans and conservatives for months on end.  This really ought to stop.

Milo, Gavin McInnes, Ann Coulter: These conservative and libertarian provocateurs have been met with radical opposition from roving gangs of snowflake thugs who set things on fire, break glass, pepper-spray bystanders—all in order to keep the aforementioned speakers from speaking.  They shout “fascist” and “racist” and a wide variety of scatological vulgarities in order to drown out any reasoned opposition to their utopian fantasies of free love, free college, free borders, and free pronouns on college campuses.  They deface buildings, bully, and intimidate, while campus security and policemen obey politicians’ orders to “stand down,” lest a hungry smartphone or a network-news camera grab a few seconds of law-enforcement officers enforcing the law.

This is, by definition, utter lawlessness.  Conservatives are right to cry foul when vandalism, disturbing the peace, and assault are tolerated.  But why are they suddenly basking in the icy embrace of the likes of Whoopi Goldberg and Bill Maher—celebrities who hate them and everything they stand for?

Free-speech solidarity (I disapprove of the hate you Nazis spew, but I’ll defend your right to spew it on The View) is the answer.  But do...

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