Under the Black Flag

Blame Poland

OK, all you readers: You are weak, easily manipulated, led by the nose to the gutter, susceptible to the devils of your diabolical urges, and you are crazy.  In fact you are the unspeakables, the deplorables who voted for Trump, and a bald, ugly man by the name of Roger Cohen says so.  Needless to say, he writes for the New York Times, but as far as I know, the only true thing he’s ever written is that his name is Roger Cohen.  From his hysterical scribbles I deduce his family went to South Africa and left that beautiful country once black power was about to become a reality.

Roger Cohen does not like Trump voters and Polish people.  He wants Poles to rise up against the massively popular government that was democratically elected, because the government does not strictly observe laws put down by the unelected bureaucrats that run the E.U. in Brussels.  Go figure, as they used to say in Brooklyn when the Dodgers were still based there.  “Awaken, Poland, before it is too late!  Revolutions for a constitution are worth defending to the hilt.”  This is in one of Cohen’s recent columns, urging revolution by the Poles against a government they voted for, and for a constitution that is already in place and working to the hilt, to use this grubby man’s lingo.

Poland’s populist government has planned certain measures to control out-of-control media...

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