Black Lives Shatter

The media and the hand-wringing politicians who are dancing on the grave of the career of Columbia, South Carolina, School Resource Officer Ben Fields are pulling a fast one.  They claim that, because “black lives matter,” the young woman who refused to relinquish her smartphone and leave math class at Spring Valley High School should not have been manhandled.

The exact opposite is true.

The conflict, now immortalized in three student-shot cellphone videos, played ad nauseam on network and cable television, and shared across the universe through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, reveals the profound racism not of cops or school administrators, but of society’s race minders, who treat members of the black underclass like farm animals fit for feed troughs and cattle pens.

The teenager, still unidentified at this writing, is described by her attorney as a 16-year-old whose mother is recently deceased, and who is living in foster care.  The New York Daily News immediately began to refer to her in maudlin prose as an “orphan,” but scrubbed that term from its online articles when told not to assume that her father is dead.  Despite such media exaggerations, what is clear is that, as a black teenager living in foster care, she is indeed an “at-risk youth,” in need of loving support as well as sound structures of authority and discipline.


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