Cultural Revolutions


Billwatch became the prime-time soap of early 1998, eclipsing even the Pope's visit to Cuba. Why should we care this time? Anyone with a mental age of 12 already knows that the President is an uncontrollable sexual predator. If a single straw could break the camel's back of our patience, why not the bale after bale of scandal that has been loaded down upon us since Jed struck oil and moved to the hills of Beverlee—or is that another series?

The pundits—Sam and Cokie, Kevin Phillips and Bill Kristol—are all shaking their heads, saying: "This time it is different. This bimbo eruption involves a potential felony." Who actually cares about obstruction of justice? This is, after all, a nation that believes Vince Foster committed suicide and Ron Brown died in a plane accident, and when the newspapers tell us that X rays reveal that the hole in Mr. Brown's head was not made by a bullet, we are not at all troubled by the mysterious disappearance of the X rays. If Dan and Tom and Peter tell us everything is all right, then everything is all right.

Then what is all the excitement over Monica Lewinsky? The leaders of both parties—and their spokesmen in the national press—would like us to believe that no one is offended by the President's indiscretions, either in Arkansas or in the White House. After all, these are private problems for Bill and Hillary to work out between themselves....

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