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Big Brother Versus Jihad

The very idea of a War on Terror is preposterous.  (Everyone remembers the War on Aviation after Pearl Harbor, right?)  It is so preposterous that our elites have had a difficult time figuring out how to name the enemy, which is illustrated perfectly by the pathologically p.c. final line of a short article from the New York Post on September 19, 2007, about a teen who put fliers in his teachers’ mailboxes asking them to convert to Islam, and then made threats when he was caught: “The student’s religion was not immediately known.”

Uh huh.

This gutless tendency to bow before his own relativist dictates leads many a watery secularist to submit every time Islam demands submission.  Indeed, some watery secularists are so ready to submit that they do so even when nobody tells them to.  For example, a Chicago school district recently panicked when one Muslim parent asked for a couple of Ramadan decorations in addition to Christmas decor.  The district issued a draconian decree banning all references to Christmas and Halloween.  The poor Muslim parent was aghast, intending no such “make a desert and call it peace” response from the district.  Eventually, a bunch of other Muslims and Christians in the school district calmed the nerves of the jittery school officials and got them to restore their traditional holiday observances, with a couple Ramadan...

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