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Here’s an opinion that might as well be a fact of life: Men of all ages find beauty queens to be attractive.  Yes, I know, it’s quite a newsflash.  Remember, you read it here first.

Yet judging by the media’s reaction when longtime sports play-by-play man Brent Musburger paid a compliment to Katherine Webb, the reigning Miss Alabama and girlfriend of quarterback A.J. McCarron, you would have thought that the mere recognition of feminine beauty was a hate crime worthy of a firing squad.

The story goes like this: It was the BCS Championship game, and Alabama’s Crimson Tide was rolling all over Notre Dame, in a contest that quickly proved to be mismatched and boring.  As is often the case with high-profile games, the cameras and directors scanned the crowd for VIPs.  Given the lackluster action on the field, Musburger (at his producer’s request) decided to comment on the cheering section for Tide QB McCarron: “[Y]ou see that lovely lady there?  She does go to Auburn, I’m gonna admit that.  But she is also Miss Alabama, and that’s A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend, OK?”

The next sentence is left out of nearly every outraged editorial, for the simple reason that it detracts from the story of Brent the Boor: “And right there on the right is Dee Dee Bonner, that’s A.J.’s mom.” ...

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