Vital Signs

Beating the Left at Their Own Game

Leftists love to obsess about hate.  It seems to be on their tongues all the time, and it may have already surpassed racist as their expletive of choice to hurl at conservatives, traditionalists, Middle Americans, and other folks they detest.  You don’t have to be a psychologist to understand the meaning of projection—that, when people obsessively accuse others of something, they are likely guilty of it themselves.

And indeed, in today’s America, it’s not hard to see where most of the hostility is coming from.  If you happen to express an opinion counter to politically correct orthodoxy, expect swift retribution from the Talibans of left-wing tolerance.  You may have to apologize to angry inquisitors, lest you lose your reputation and job.  Or you might just lose them anyway.

Then there’s the issue of physical violence.  Leftists speak on campuses with few incidents, but when Ann Coulter and similarly prominent conservatives go to our halls of higher learning they sometimes need a platoon of bodyguards.  The left spares no venom against the Tea Party, but instances of Tea Party violence are rare.  The leftist Occupy Wall Street protests have been less than peaceful on more than a few occasions.  A poll of OWS protestors in New York found that 31 percent supported violence as a means to attain their objectives.


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