Under the Black Flag

Beating Down Greece

I was sad to read that the Attikon Cinema on Stadiou Street in central Athens was burned down by anarchist scum pretending to protest against the E.U. Nazis.  The Attikon was built in 1870 as part of a beautiful, ochre-colored neoclassical edifice constructed by a German architect, only to be torched 142 years later by professional troublemakers posing as freedom defenders.  I first went to the Attikon with my German nanny during the war—it was packed with Wehrmacht officers—and I saw Hitler’s favorite blonde actress, Kristina Söderbaum, on screen.  I fell in love, like any healthy six-year-old would.  As did the German officers who applauded whenever she came on the scene.  Fraulein was not best pleased and kept telling the young officers to keep it down.  They cheered even louder but were very polite to a strange old lady dressed all in black, holding the hand of a little boy and going “shhh” nonstop.

Par for the times, to burn down a beautiful old building in order to show the world how civilized we modern Greeks are.  Hundreds have lost their businesses in one night’s looting by extremists, most of them probably well off and posing as anarchists.  Let’s take it from the top: For the last 30 years Greeks have been paying 80 percent of their standard of living.  The remaining 20 percent has been financed...

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