Beastie Boys

After the recent shootings on the campus of Northern Illinois University, network-news programs were filled with helpful proposals for dealing with the growing problem of school violence.  The suggestions were the predictably inane and irrelevant products of post-Christianity’s impoverished imagination: more counseling for shocked and grieving students, a university warning system complete with a database of contact numbers for students and staff, and, inevitably, either a tighter system of monitoring and controlling gun sales or an outright ban.

A few commentators, however, took the opposite position, calling for students and faculty to be armed, and while such a concept might have appealed to me in years past, I have visited college campuses too often to trust anyone’s life to today’s “youth.”  Young men who cannot be persuaded to bathe, shave, or speak English are not responsible enough to handle guns: Indeed, college food services are wise to hand out plastic tableware lest the boys—professors as well as students—cut their own throats trying to eat soup with a fork.

Of course, there are still young men, shaved or unshaved, who have the experience and judgment needed to handle firearms.  But a generation nurtured on instant messaging and video games is not a good field in which to recruit the tough farmers who joined Marion or Forrest to defend their liberty. ...

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