Be Sensitive—or Else!

Letter From Michigan

Horror stories about punishments for insensitive behavior on college campuses are old news. But leftist hypersensitivity has permeated everyday life in the real world as well. In Manassas, Virginia, a white woman called 911 at 3:08 A.M. to report that some black men—whom she referred to as "niggers"—were trying to break into her house. According to the Detroit News, the 911 dispatcher, also a white woman, sent police but went on to lecture the besieged woman: "The next time I would appreciate it if you would not call black gentlemen 'niggers,' OK? That offends me, and I don't like to hear it." She asked the distraught caller how she would like to be called "white trash."

As this case illustrates, the sensitivity police are everywhere. They are especially prevalent here in Michigan, where the sensitive are using intimidation and tyranny to flog the insensitive into line. For example, in May 1996, 57-year-old city councilwoman Gloria Sankuer of Warren (Michigan's third largest city) complained that the City Council's letterhead, referring to her as "councilman," was offensive. "This mistake makes Warren look sexist and backward," she said. "It needs to be fixed. It's a matter of what's proper." Warren had a four-year supply of this offending stationery. The council unanimously decided to expend it by sending all Warren city volunteers...

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