Vital Signs

Battling for Animal Rights

In January 1989, 55 members of the Rocky Mountain Humane Society made a five-mile trek to the Denver Livestock Exchange Building. At that center of agricultural enterprise they held a memorial service for the unfortunate victims of humankind's "flesh eating addiction."

In 1987, the University of California Veterinary Diagnostic Research Laboratory in Davis suffered $4.3 million in arson damage, the fire set by a group opposed to animal experiments.

The previous winter Mitch Fitzgerald, a Sonoma, California, veal rancher, discovered his calf barn had been broken into and vandalized. Several calves had been stolen during the night by members of the Animal Liberation Front who left spray painted slogans "Meat is Murder" and "I want my mama"—on the side of the building. ALF claims responsibility for over 77 incidents in the last decade, "freeing" 3,000 animals and causing almost $6 million in damages.

Last July, Fran Stephanie Trutt pleaded guilty to the possession of two pipe bombs in her Jackson Heights, New York, apartment. She was also charged with planting another bomb outside United States Surgical Corporation the November before. According to news paper reports she said that she had only wanted to "scare" the company's chairman. (US Surgical uses live dogs to demonstrate its surgical stapler.) A Midwest farming magazine has refused to publish...

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