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By:Thomas Fleming | February 12, 2014

Some Americans are wondering, "Why all the hoopla over Hollande's courtesy call on Obama?" Is there something sinister or even serious going on? The obvious answer—and even some journalists are aware of it—is the natural affinity of two Marxist political hacks. "Dear Barack," as Hollande now refers to the American President, would like nothing better than to adopt France's ruinous taxation rates, while dear François would simply love to join forces with the USA to make war on Christians in the Middle East.


But Hollande and Obama have always loathed the Christians and businessmen in their respective countries. They don't need a face to face meeting to plot their nasty little agenda. The simple truth is that both the American and French administrations are in a shambles, and when all else fails, disgraced presidents inevitably try their hands at doing star turns in international diplomacy. It's almost as good as a war, and costs so much less money. 


It was only a few months ago that Obama turned in despair to negotiations with Iran as the life-raft for his sinking regime, and now that his "peace" negotiations have faded from the evening news, he needs a new bauble to dangle in front of his admirers in the media. And poor Hollande, faced with a sagging economy and rising unrest, has managed to dig himself an even deeper hole by betraying his pregnant mistress.


What drab little creatures to be heads of state of two once-magnificent countries! 


There is one bit of consolation for Americans. Whenever you are tempted to lament the state of our sorry nation and its ridiculous president, just think of Hollande and what the election of such a manifest loser indicates for the current state of French civilization. What's next for a country that could elect Hollande? Dinners of Cheez Whiz and Wonder Bread washed down, preferably with Coca Cola, the soft drink that has made itself the beverage of choice for the worldwide LBGT community.



Thomas Fleming
2/12/2014 08:09 PM

  Just testing the system. Who wrote this garbage, anyway?

Nicholas MOSES
Paris (FR)
2/14/2014 08:30 AM

  Thanks for a funny and biting forensic psycho-diagnostic! Hollande is actually in worse shape than Obama, with an approval rating of 23%. There are many reasons for this, some of them directly his fault and some of them less so (though even there it IS his fault that he has done next to nothing in the way of damage control). However, I'm not so sure that the love scandal is among them. In fact, if anything it might actually have helped him avoid an even worse rating. Remember Valérie Trierweiler, the outgoing First Mistress, is the same woman who singlehandedly made a mockery of the 2012 legislative elections by tweeting - just weeks after her boyfriend's election as president - her support for Socialist dissident and expelled party member Olivier Falorni in his campaign to un-seat Hollande's ex-mistress of 22 years and 2007 presidential candidate (and the mother of his four children) Ségolène Royal. The story was made all the more salacious by the knowledge that Hollande's affair with La Twitterweiler was already a subject of speculation in the midst of Royal's presidential campaign, when Hollande and Royal were still publicly together and she was talking to the press about a possible marriage! On the other hand, the future has not looked brighter for France in many decades. Part of my reason for thinking so is the fierce, deep-seated and increasingly creative opposition to the nasties of the present administration. Another reason is that the present Powers That Be are doing their best to transform the country into a cultural, spiritual and economic wasteland, and we are talking increasingly openly about this. Sound familiar? Sounds like Soviet Russia in the 1970s and 1980s. At some point that place was ripe for revival. France is surely at least as grand an historic civilization as Russia and has plenty of cultural baggage on which to reconstitute. At least that's what I tell myself to get to sleep at night.


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