Cultural Revolutions

Bad Whitey 101

In this space in the June issue, readers learned about a flock of students from the American Studies program at Randolph College who flapped off to the Chicken Ranch Brothel in Nevada to study the profundities of the cathouse.  They also learned about yet another aesthete who believes emissions from the nether regions of the human anatomy constitute art.  But these two contributions to the chronicles of the campus have nothing on the University of Delaware’s failed Residence Life Program.  Whereas the other schools joined the culture war with attacks on erudition and art, UD is battling against the White Man—not that the other schools haven’t honed their ideological tomahawks to lift a white scalp or two.

UD’s Residence Life program for incoming students did not, as you might expect, confine itself to imparting lessons on the city’s bus system or hip restaurants and beer joints.  Instead, it taught students what’s wrong with whitey.

Consider these excerpts from the program’s core document: “A RACIST: A racist is one who is both privileged and socialized on the basis of race by a white supremacist (racist) system.  The term applies to all white people (i.e., people of European descent) living in the United States. . . . By this definition, people of color cannot be racists, because as peoples within the U.S. system, they do not have the power to back...

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