Cultural Revolutions

Bad Hombre Gets His

Only one thing would have been more gratifying than watching a filthy scumbag like José Ernesto Medellín wince as he felt the chilling gush of sodium thiopental run into his arm.  That would have been watching him wiggle like a Mexican jumping bean as 2,000 volts of lightning fried him like an Old El Paso taco shell.

But alas, the hot squat is all but abolished.  Instead we execute prisoners like dogs being put to sleep.  The end result is the same, although in Medellín’s case, only after 5,475 days of three hots and a cot.  That’s 15 years.

Medellín, you might recall, was the illegal-alien Mexican gangbanger who merrily helped rape and murder Jennifer Ertman, 14, and Elizabeth Pena, 16, in Houston, Texas, on June 24, 1993.  As I wrote in this space in March, “For an entire hour, [Medellín and the gang] raped and sodomized the girls; ‘The confessions of the gang members,’ one account goes, ‘indicated that there was never less than 2 men on each of the girls at any one time.’  After the rape, the gang strangled Jenny with Sean O’Brien’s red nylon belt.  He pulled on one end while Medellín, O’Brien testified, pulled on the other until it snapped.  They finished the job with Jenny’s shoelaces.  ‘The bitch wouldn’t die,’ Medellín complained afterward. ...

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