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Avoiding Europe’s Mistakes

The two jihadist attacks in Brussels on March 22, which killed 32 people and injured 300 others, have changed the tenor of European media commentary.  While many editorialists have routinely bewailed “alienation” among Muslim youths and warned against “Islamophobia” and “intolerance,” a significant minority are considering the causes of terrorism with courage and frankness.

In Britain The Spectator commented that “we are living with the consequences of an immigration and ‘integration’ fantasy which should have been abandoned years ago,” resulting in “one of the largest population replacement exercises in history.”  Uncontrolled immigration and open borders have “created the perfect conditions for those who want to kill us,” opined the Daily Express: “The way we are going, the jihadi breeding ground of Molenbeek is just the start.”  Germany’s top-circulation magazine Der Spiegel noted that Molenbeek provided a network on which terrorists could rely, “a tightknit group in which everyone protected everyone else . . . [T]here is an ‘omertà’ in the community, a code of silence reminiscent of the Mafia.”  It quoted Bart De Wever, head of the New Flemish Alliance, who called Chancellor Angela Merkel’s refugee policy an “epochal mistake.” ...

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