Ave Maria

Tammy Ormson gave much of herself to Catholic education, both as a student and as a teacher.  And yet so much was taken from her.

Ormson lost her alma mater, Mount Scenario College, when the Ladysmith, Wisconsin, school closed a few years back because of financial trouble.

She then lost the school at which she was a teacher and principal for 16 years, St. John the Baptist in Plum City, Wisconsin, when it was closed in 2006 by the diocese of La Crosse.

At the time, Ormson wasn’t the principal.  She had left St. John’s in 2003 to run her family’s grocery store in nearby Spring Valley.  Yet the shock at St. John’s closure could be felt all the way up County Highway CC.  “It was a surprise when I heard that it was closing,” Ormson told me.  “It was a good school.  It wasn’t in any kind of financial trouble.  I and many others couldn’t really understand what was going on.  And it hurt personally to see a place you gave so much of yourself to simply not exist anymore.”

Yet the closure of St. John’s opened a path for Ormson, one that brought her back south to Plum City to take charge of a new private academy in the old St. John’s school building.

Many St. John’s parents still wanted their children to attend a Catholic school, and they needed someone to help lead the effort to create one. ...

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