William Grigg

William Grigg is a journalist living in Appleton, Wisconsin.

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  • Frontier Taliban
    December 1, 2002

    Frontier Taliban

    To understand the impact of the event known as the Mountain Meadows Massacre, it is useful to focus on the date of that atrocity: September 11, 1857. On that Friday morning, Mormon militiamen lured the members of a California-bound wagon train into an ambush.

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  • Correspondence
    April 1, 1994

    The New Race War

    Last September, 17-year-old Utah resident Aaron Chapman found himself caught in traffic outside Salt Lake City's Triad Amphitheater following a rock concert. Chapman's red flannel shirt attracted the attention of eight to ten Tongan Crip gang members, who surrounded Chapman's car and began taunting him.

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  • Correspondence
    March 1, 1993

    The Execution of St. William

    Through the mysterious alchemy of "social justice," criminals become martyr-saints. Habitual criminal Rodney King is now spoken of in the same pious tone once reserved for icons like plagiarist/philanderer Martin Luther King, Jr.

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  • Law in Lehi: A Case of Abuse
    January 1, 1993

    Law in Lehi: A Case of Abuse

    Lehi, Utah, is somewhat familiar to those who have seen the movie Footloose. The small Mormon community provided Hollywood with the perfect setting for a tale of adolescent rebellion against parental and religious authority. Yet shortly after the movie's release Lehi's pious image was ruptured by a child abuse scandal.

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  • Cultural Revolutions
    June 1, 1992

    Monument to the Myth

    An Nea Grant has been awarded to an "artist" in Utah to erect a monument to the myth of a pre-Roe v. Wade "back-alley" abortion holocaust. Darin Biniaz, a 26 year old who has discovered that "art" is more profitable and less demanding than actual work, has received $2,000 to create a "sculpture" called "No Choice (No Freedom)."

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